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BASARA Itadaki Finals Review: Isami is God

The Itadaki Finals featured a matchup with promotion owner Isami Kodaka taking on comedy-oriented wrestler Hiroshi Fukuda

BASARA Itadaki League Final

June 23, 2016

Shinjuku Face – Tokyo, Japan

My god BASARA is back at Shinjuku Face with their big Itadaki League Final pitting Mr. USA Hiroshi Fukuda against the best wrestler ever Isami Kodaka. This line up is a lot weaker than their January card but it still has some goodness. BASARA did sell this building out so that’s very good news because it means they don’t need to rely on big names to draw houses .. cough cough ROH. I am excited to see the Daichi Kazato singles match because since January that kid has done nothing but impress the shit out of me. I am sure I will enjoy this show, hope you enjoy the review!

Tsutomu Osugi & Hercules Senga vs. Choun Shiryu & Puroresu Mania Mask**1/4

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA what was this match? Speeds of Sound are a tremendous tag team and Puroresu Mania Mask is one of the greatest in Japan currently (well the guy under the mask who I won’t expose). Puroresu Mania Mask is the best gimmick of 2016. It is beautiful. So the dude wears this crazy outfit with bits and pieces of all these legendary Jr. heavyweights and imitates their offense. It is a blast. He was doing Satoru Sayama spots early on as well as the Ultimo Dragon headstand head scissors. This Shiryu dude is the definition of Independent Japanese wrestling. Just look at the dude, he oozes Japanese independent wrestler. He did do a really wacky dive off the referee’s back as well as some other cool things. Shiryu gets a pass in the Izzac book of performers. MANIA MASK WAS UNMASKED BUT THANK GOD HE HID HIS GORGEOUS YANKEE FACE. Shiryu was distracted and pinned shortly after the unmasking of MANIA MASK.

Daichi Kazato vs. Masamune ***1/2

Jesus Christ this was really fun, Kazato continues to prove to the world that he is one of the most underrated folk going today. I discovered Mr. Kazato on the inaugural BASARA show in January where he was the star of the main event. Ever since then he kills it in BASARA every damn time he steps out the curtain. He showed so much fire early on especially with his dropkick, he got very high. The commentators make mention of Masamune being a former bodybuilder which is something I did not know about. Masamune dissected Kazato’s arms/fingers, for a moment there I though Zack Sabre Jr. was under the Masamune mask. Kazato landed a big time Asai moonsault and quickly threw his opponent back into the ring where he got several near falls. Masamune was twisting Daichi’s body in ways Daichi’s body should not be twisting. Kazato landed a German suplex hold for another near fall. These men traded very nice European uppercuts. Shortly after that Masamune hit a crazy flipping suplex followed by the best Destino I have ever seen to beat Kazato. Don’t skip this.

Ryuichi Sekine, Ryota Nakatsu & Koji Iwamoto vs. Brahman Shu, Brahman Kei & Takayuki Ueki ***

Between the Final Deletion and this match I have most certainly got my fix of obscure wrestling. Like what else what you expect when you have Ueki teaming with the Brahman Bros? Lots of fucking water splashed on the Shinjuku faithful and just shenanigans which I love. The team of Sekine, Nakatsu and Iwamoto is really awesome like all those guys are tremendous pro wrestlers, as are the Brahman’s and Ueki for that matter. If these guys had a legit straight forward six man tag I am sure it would be really well received. Brahman Shu for some reason tossed the suitcase at Brahman Kei. Iwamoto got his hands on a bucket of water and doused his opponents in the evil liquid. The crowd was dead set loving every second of this, BASARA crowds are always super. Ueki ran as wild as Ueki is ever going to run until this happened. Ueki pulled the gun out but Sekine kicked it away leaving Ueki shocked but Ueki had another gun in his singlet which he pulled on Sekine’s wooden horse. Iwamoto and Sekine are pleading with Ueki to let the HORSE go but Ueki is crazed. But brother Ryota Nakatsu comes out of nowhere with a gun and pulls it on Ueki forcing him to drop the gun and the HORSE. Few seconds pass then Sekine nails a buzz-saw kick which gets his team the victory.

Takumi Tsukamoto, Hi69 & SAGAT vs. FUMA, Madoka & Yusuke Kubo***1/2

Another match that delivered! Every damn match has delivered in one way or another. Let’s talk about SAGAT not being the penis chomper he was in previous shows. He stopped wearing face paint and cut his long ass hair. Complete gimmick change for brother SAGAT he still wears mostly the same gear but he isn’t as weird as he once was. Madoka and Hi69 had really good chemistry which was to be expected because they have probably worked one another 100’s of times on the Japanese independent circuit. FUMA is one hell of a professional wrestler and sometimes that does get lost in his HEAVY METAL ARMY gimmick but in this match he was easily the best worker. All of his kicks were on point. SAGAT countered a springboard cross-body from Madoka with his head, it was tremendous. FUMA used an awesome overhead belly to belly suplex. There were many unprotected chair shots which I despise but I can’t lie they do look good but I wish they were no longer a thing. Takumi busted out his GIANT hammer and used it on all of the Heavy Metal Army. SAGAT super-bombed Kubo through a table which was awesome. Kubo sucks and I wish he wasn’t in BASARA. SAGAT pinned Kubo with a spear onto chairs which Kubo sold very well and took a great bump.

Itadaki League Final: Isami Kodaka vs. Hiroshi Fukuda***3/4

Hoot and a half this match was! Tremendous Shinjuku Face main event. This was the best in ring match Hiroshi Fukuda has ever had, I haven’t seen everything of his but this is now my favorite Fukuda match. He definitely brought the fight to BASARA ace and founder Isami Kodaka. In the early stages he was being somewhat foolish but towards the end of the bout he got real serious and beat the shit out of Isami. One of the things about this match that stuck out to me more than anything was how quick this match went! Going into the match I knew they went 23+ minutes and I was so excited because that’s 23 minutes of Isami but this felt like it went 10 minutes which is great because it shows the match obviously did not drag. Isami was straight up going after Fukuda’s arm which is something different to regular Isami. Mr. Kodaka did bring out big time moves like his tope suicida, a brainbuster on the floor and a springboard missile dropkick. Fukuda was hit with an Isami superkick but fired back with one of his own. Double knee drop from the top which always looks killer. Isami kicked out of the first Perfect-Plex. Isami ran wild with his instant knee strikes. Towards the end Fukuda fired back with a big AA spine-buster and a back drop suplex. Fukuda finally ended the match with another Perfect-Plex! FUKUDA PINNED ISAMI! HE IS THE ITADAKI LEAGUE CHAMPION! GOOD ON FUKUDA.

Brothers this is no SOTY or anything but my god this was such an easy to watch show. No matches dragged and everything had it’s place on the card. I said this in February but BASARA and Isami are onto something very special. They continue to sell out most of their shows and when Christmas rolls around this year BASARA is running a show on Christmas! Better yet the show is in Korakuen Hall, the most famous wrestling arena in Japan. You watch that show sell out with Isami in the main event. I promise you that. Hope you enjoyed this review. Much love.


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