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BASARA at Yokohama Review: Kodaka vs. Sekine

Isami Kodaka

BASARA at Yokohama

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May 28, 2016

Yokohoma Radiant Hall – Yokohama, Japan

BASARA is back on the review schedule for this puroresu fan. I haven’t reviewed BASARA for months and that’s because the cards just don’t do it for me. Some matches look amazing but currently I just don’t have the time or the patience to watch mediocre wrestling even though I end up doing it on a daily basis as is. This card looks quite amazing actually except for the three way match, Maruyama is going to have to pull a once in a lifetime performance to make that match watchable. The other two men in that match are odd and that’s all I will say. The main event goes 20+ minutes and it’s an Isami match so automatically it has to be great. Hope y’all enjoy.

Daichi Kazato & Hi69 vs. Kazuhiro Tamura & Daisuke Kanehira***1/4

So this was really good as expected. We got the Heat-Up lads vs. the BASARA lads. I have really enjoyed Tamura in BASARA but I do enjoy Tamura everywhere to be honest. Kanehira didn’t stick out like a sore thumb at all. He was really solid and used awesome arm-bars + a shotgun dropkick. Hi69 used his lionsault and the “Just Face-lock” that his mentor Taka Michinoku uses. Tamura did some cool kicks and a tumble weed. In the end Hi69 kicked Kanehira in head which allowed Kazato to hit the springboard Axe-bomber to win the bout.

Daichi Kazato & Hi69 vs. Kazuhiro Tamura & Daisuke Kanehira-****

This was one of those matches that left me saying “fuck this company”, “fuck this shit”, “Heddi is horrendous” and many other negative words. Maruyama, one of the best independent talents in Japan and he is used like this? Fucking terrible. Joey Ryan’s offence is weaker than his hard on at 1 AM. Heddi is really not that great, he did the all time worst running knee attack. The comedy was funny to begin with but fuck it got so bad. Joey’s superkick didn’t even graze his opponents face. Possibly the worst match of the year. The finish came when Ryan reversed an Irish-whip from Maruyama which sent Maruyama into Heddi who was in the tree of woe then Heddi fell down and pinned Maruyama. Heddi French pinned Atsushi Maruyama…

Koji Iwamoto & Takumi Tsukamoto vs. World Heaviest Heavy Metal Tag (FUMA & Madoka)***1/2

This was really good. A tad bit better than the earlier tag match just because it went a little longer and had more near-falls. FUMA is a great wrestler but the HEAVY METAL 2 SWEET gets boring quick. Madoka is awesome as well. Basically all the guys in this match were great. Iwamoto is going to breakout within the next few years and will become a mega star. He has the ‘ace’ look and he is so young. Very competent in ring and can put on great matches. I hope that these BASARA bookings will get him booked in DDT sooner rather than later. Lots of awesome kicks and enzuigiri’s. FUMA used an awesome running knee which absolutely put Heddi’s knee to shame. FUMA went for the heavy metal elbow but Tsukamoto got his knees up and then rolled up the Heavy Metal star to win.

Abdullah Kobayashi & Takayuki Ueki vs. Hiroshi Fukuda & SAGAT*

This was odd, quite possibly the oddest thing I have seen this month. I don’t really know what happened. You’re going to have to watch the match to find out for yourself. I am dumbfounded. I have zero clue what to write or how to review this. Like there wasn’t that many wrestling moves. A lot of comedy that I enjoyed but then it got pretty cringe. My favorite part of the bout was in the beginning when SAGAT and Ueki would do their respective taunts and then in the end they did each others taunts which was great fun. SAGAT ate more dick as usual … legit one of his top offensive moves is him doing a bridge and sliding on his head to eat dick. Abby is moving so bad it’s quite sad. In the end Abby pinned SAGAT with his signature elbow drop.

Ryota Nakatsu vs. Yusuke Kubo***1/4

Good singles competition here! Nakatsu is one of the better talents on the Japanese independents and Kubo is Kubo. It’s always a mixed bag, some days he is good and others he is super sloppy. He was for the most part good but at points looked sloppy. Loved the story of Nakatsu killing Kubo’s arm with multiple kicks. Favorite spot of the match was when Kubo hit an awesome back drop suplex but Nakatsu no sold it and then hit the PK. Kubo’s selling was tremendous whenever he was caught in an arm-bar he would wiggle like a worm. Kubo actually won which surprised me with a wrist-clutch back suplex.

Isami Kodaka vs. Ryuichi Sekine***3/4

Fuck yeah what a main event! Sorry for the profanity but yeah this was awesome. The last 5 minutes of this match were done to perfection. Seriously, if you’re not on the Isami bandwagon then I feel oh so sorry for you. Not only did ISAMI FK’N KODAKA put over Sekine but he went above and beyond to make him look like a superstar. He let him kick out of most of his offense that wins him matches. For example he kicked out of the double knee drop on two different occasions. Sekine utilizes a lot of kicks into his offence, Isami knew that and went after his right leg that he primarily uses to kick folk. It was great because Sekine would kick with his bad leg and Isami would take control right away because his kicks were weaker. Isami is a veteran and knows all the little things and maybe it’s just because I am a wrestler but I notice it. If you do those little things every match (which he does) then you’re a great professional wrestler. This was Sekine’s big time match and push to the main event scene in BASARA. He pulled everything out of his sleeve, even a elbow suicida. Isami busted out all of his stuff as well, cross-body, sliding lariat and a knee right to the nose of Sekine that looked absolutely killer. Favorite spot of this match was when Sekine hit back drop suplex that Isami no sold to hit a lariat that Sekine no sold to hit a head kick then Isami uses a super kick and both men collapse. In the end Sekine PINNED the former KO-D champion after multiple head kicks.

What a hoot from the BASARA brothers aye! Besides those two abominations of ‘matches’ this show was really good and the wrestling was superb. Highly recommend you guys check out the matches I gave above ***. They don’t go very long and it will introduce you into a wrestler(s) you probably have never seen before. Thank you for reading.


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