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Anarchy Wrestling Hostile Environment Review (6/24/2017)

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Anarchy Wrestling Hostile Environment 2017: War Games on June 24, 2017

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Landmark Arena – Cornelia, GA

This is my first review in what will be many of the promotion Anarchy Wrestling, and this is one of the big ones of the year: Hostile Environment, which is the home of the War Games. For those who don’t know, Anarchy Wrestling is a legacy promotion that had the lineage going back to the legendary promotions NWA Wildside and NWA Anarchy, as well as Why We Wrestle all in the same arena. The building was a breeding ground for many wrestlers coming up in the south including AJ Styles, Jimmy Rave, Xavier Woods, Matt Sydal, R-Truth and slew of other names who made names or went through the famous arena. All the shows can be seen on the subscription service Every year in this arena, there is the famous War Games match that the creator himself, the legendary Dusty Rhodes, has said it was the spiritual successor to the famous WCW matches.  This also has matches that have been building for the past couple of months. Lets get into the review!

Chase Jordan vs Jeremy Foster

This was a really serviceable opener that got the crowd going early on, with the crowd behind Foster and against Chase Jordan. Started out with technical wrestling to start out with then transition with a basic back and forth wrestling match. Chase was heeling it up with back rakes, and slamming Foster against the guard rail. Nothing really big happened when it comes to the spots used, but the match served its purpose. Both guys looked good in the match with the time given. Jeremy Foster picked up the win.

AJ Gray vs Ryan Vega

This is a feud that has been brewing for a number of months now, with Ryan Vega being an all out prick to AJ Gray and other Anarchy staff, with Vega winning by stabbing Gray in the eye with a pen, and urinating on the ring announcer Michael Gentry. This match itself payed off, with AJ Gray overcoming the dastardly Ryan Vega. What I liked about this match the most was the build to AJ Gray’s high spots. It wasn’t all flash; he did his first highspot, which was a Moonsault to the outside from the top turnbuckle. The rest of the match, Vega started dominating in which AJ Gray had to come back from. Once AJ started to make his comeback, Vega tried using the pen he defeated Gray with before, which Gray dodged. Gray hit a corkscrew tombstone piledriver, and then beat Vega with a Phoenix Splash, driving his knees into Vega. After the match, Gray tried getting Vega to apologize to Gentry for urinating on him, but Vega refused, which Gentry then speared Vega. Ryan Vega is a very good heel, and AJ Gray is someone who people should keep an eye out for, as he is trying to make waves in different areas of the country.

Landmark Heritage Championship Match: Kyle Matthews (C) vs Anthony Henry w/ Amber Young

This is Kyle Matthews’ first title defense since becoming the first Landmark Heritage Champion, which represents all of the companies that, past and present that has graced the Landmark in a tournament. Anthony Henry is a worthy challenger to the title, as he has held gold in the arena, as he is a multiple time Anarchy Young Lions Champion and Tag Champion. This was a heel on heel contest with Matthews sort of working in between. It was a very technical bout, with both guys working on each others arms through the whole match. Amber Young got into the match cheating for Henry behind the refs back throughout the match. Once the ref had enough of Amber’s antics, he threw her out, which went into the closing stretch of the match. There was a beautiful, but deadly roundhouse kick that Anthony Henry delivered to Kyle Matthews and then transitioned into a very quick piledriver but couldn’t put Matthews away. Kyle Matthews ends up winning by submission with a octopus hold on the arm that he worked on all match, which gave it a very satisfying ending. Both guys looked amazing in the match. Kyle Matthews does not have a bad match ever, and Henry isn’t that far behind in that category. If you aren’t into the big gimmick matches that are on the rest of the show this is the match to watch, as this was a great technical match that anyone can enjoy.

Anarchy Tag Team Championship Taped Fist Street Fight: Lynch Mob (Joey & Matt Lynch) (C) vs The Approved (Adrian Hawkins & Bobby Moore)

The Approved is a tag team that had the longest undefeated streak in the history of the promotion. After asking for a title shot and not getting, it they attacked the Lynch Mob. After that, Lynch Mob had Cyrus the Destroyer end their undefeated streak, which made the feud a hot one in the promotion. Now, here we are. The match itself was pretty good. It started out hot with both teams brawling with each other. A lot of punches and very little moves through the match, which was needed. The moves that we did see was great teamwork from the Lynch Mob. The Approved was good at cutting them off every chance they got, though, like stopping Joey Lynch from doing his beautiful moonsault. One of the nastier spots was when one of the members pushed Matt Lynch from the apron to a pool of set up steel chairs, taking Matt out of the match. The Approved won by hitting Joey Lynch with a chain to become new Anarchy champions. Really good street fight match, which something tells me that this feud is not over with. Both teams did their jobs well, with the Lynch Mob being the believable heroes while The Approved being the bad guys in the contest.

Taipei Death Match: Tank vs Brad Cash

This has been a feud that has been brewing  for a couple months now as both guys are in legendary Wildside/Anarchy stable the Devils Rejects. This was a really fun death match, with taped fists of broken glass that tributes to the classic Ian and Axl Rotten ECW match of the 90s. Not only does this have the taped fists, but they used gusset plates, pizza cutters and Legos (I personally love that Legos have become a accepted weapon in death match wrestling). Really fun all the way through the match. If you are into death match wrestling, it is definitely a fun one that you need to seek out. The death match legend who is nearing retirement won the match, and put Cash over in a post-match promo. Brad Cash flipped Tank off, disrespecting him. After both get out of the ring it cuts to two promos, first of Brad Cash in a an amazing, bloody visual, not saying anything, showing off the war he just went through. The second was Tank with manager Jeff G. Baileym teasing the Tank/Matt Tremont match that is happening later this month.

Anarchy Women's Championship: Rock C (C) vs Jessica Leigh

This match didn’t really do anything for me in terms of enjoyment. I like what Rock C brings to the table, though. She has a fun rocker girl gimmick that works for the crowd, which is very behind her, and she has pretty good offense which her finish is this fun sharpshooter variation, but using her arms, called the whammy bar. In terms of Leigh, she was just a basic wrestler, nothing that really stands out to me. It was a basic back and forth match that both worked hard, though it just didn’t click with me, which is fine. The crowd seemed to be very into  the match itself, which is the most important thing. Rock C retained with her finisher. After the match, Jessica Leigh’s manager, Crystal Rose, tried punishing her by shoving her, but Leigh was having none of that. A match seems to be building for a future event.

Triple Crown Championship: Jacob Ashworth (C) vs. Stryknyn

Before the match, two promos played from both competitors, both were very good promos that get you ready for the match. The match itself was very, very good. The story in this one was that Stryknyn banned his partner, Danny Only, from ringside to prove that he can win the title himself. The match through the whole thing was very hard hitting from both competitors. The crowd was behind both guys the whole time. There was a ref bump in the middle of the match, which Danny comes out, instead of just shenanigans, Stryknyn tells Only to go back behind the curtain. Then, the match gets really good with both back to the hard hitting action. Lots of great near falls, especially after Stryknyn hits his F5. Ashworth ends up winning with his finisher, the Killshot. This was a straight up great wrestling match, that if you are into southern style of wrestling, you would enjoy very much.

War Games Team Elite (Gunner Miller, Kevin Blue, Billy Buck & Chris Spectra) with Jeff G. Bailey vs. Jeremiah’s Battalion (Gladiator Jeremiah, Cyrus the Destroyer, Se7en & Mystery Partner)

To set this up, the War Games match is a staple of the arena going back to the heyday of NWA Wildside. The creator of the War Games, Dusty Rhodes, has said that the War Games matches that happen at the Landmark Arena are the spiritual successor to the famous War Games matches from WCW. This is also the first one in two years for the arena, so this is a big one. The rules of War Games are: two competitors from opposite teams start the match fighting each other for five minutes, and then the next competitor from the team with the advantage comes in, and then after two minutes, another one comes in from the other team, until the last one enters. After the last man that enters the match, comes with submission or surrender for your team. The two guys that started off the match were SCI alumni Billy Buck, with his amazing Miley Cyrus theme, and Gladiator Jeremiah for the other, with Team Elite with the advantage. The match was a lot of big boys just slamming each other across the ring and into the cage. One of the best moments from the match was when Cyrus, who is over 300 pounds and is just a monster of a guy, got slammed into the cage, almost taking the whole cage out in the process. I do not remember the order of the participants, but the last member for Jeremiah’s Battalion was a mystery, as the original guy was supposed to be Iceberg, but due to a unfortunate health conditions Iceberg couldn’t be there. The replacement, though, had one of the best entrances I have ever seen on the indies, as he had druids come out once the lights went out, and descended from the ceiling from a platform to reveal it was the returning Azrael, who is a legend of the arena and one of the most successful War Games competitors in the history of that same arena. You see guys start submission each other, tons of superplexes, just beautiful, beautiful warfare. Just lots of big dudes flying around. The finish came with 2016 SCI winner Gunner Miller taking a hacksaw to Azrael’s mouth, in which Azreal surrendered his team. The match was brutal, was everything you wanted when it comes to most of these competitors who are big boys, and it was just beautiful. One of my favorite matches of the year.


  • Excellent - 8.5/10


This was an excellent show top to bottom, from the Heritage Title match being a great technical match that anyone can get into, to the brutal Taipei death match, to the Triple Crown, & to the War Games match itself. This show has something that everybody can enjoy. One of my favorite shows of the year.



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