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Among the Starless: Los Villanos vs. Los Psycho Circus (AAA, August 9, 2015)

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Welcome to another rousing edition of Among the Starless. When doing this series, I’m always looking for variety, and somehow I’ve missed over this particular match in my search. A match from the spectacle known as Triplemania XXIII, an event marred by an insane amount of technical issues that made it nearly unwatchable, and that left people with general disappointment in a majority of the matches that took place. I’ve got my hook into the worst one, a certified abysmal classic in Los Villanos vs. Psycho Circus. Upon telling fellow Wrestling With Words staff that I had my eyes on this match, they practically begged me not to go through with it, and that’s all the motivation I needed. I’ve even taken the liberty of seeking out this match with the English commentary intact, to hear that sweet, sweet, Matt Striker match-calling.

The Match

Right off the bat, we have what is supposed to be a historic match, as it’s Villano III’s final match, and Tropicasas’ last outing as a referee. Ending their careers not in a very glorious way. The Villanos take control of the match within minutes, unloading terrible offense on the Clowns, immediately trying to tear the mask from Psycho Clown. They even drive him into the ringpost at the slowest rate possible. This dude could have had enough time to jump off and run back in the ring before they were even close to putting his head into the post. The Villanos are all terribly out of shape and it’s clear they really shouldn’t be working a match that went over ten minutes. Villano III’s health was not great, and Villano V is just massively overweight. It’s a bad scene. As much as Striker’s commentary is as dreadful as ever here, a dishonorable mention has to go to his partner Hugo Savinovitch. He sounded like they had just plopped him there to do blind commentary, he was more lost than anyone who was watching. Matt Striker says ‘you can hear the fever pitch now!’ and almost on queue, a mysterious buzzing noise takes over the feed. The majority of what you hear watching this match is buzzing and clown horns.

Striker continuously thanks Twitter for keeping them notified of the problems. Striker tries to get Hugo to give some backstory but you can barely hear him now, his voice just fades away and we are left with the loud Striker to commentate alone. Psycho Circus stacks up on top of each other to deliver a horrible splash to a Villano, just collapsing on top of the guy. Psycho Clown hits a headbutt to the crotch as Striker screams “WHAT’S UP” like a Dudley Boy. As if the audio problems weren’t bad enough. Striker exposing himself as constantly checking Twitter instead of focusing on the match is incredible. He requests that you imagine he’s commentating a Killer Bees match in reference to the buzzing. Amazing under pressure commentary by Matt.

A giant tower of doom spot is set up in the corner, with the Villanos having control before the other Clowns attack them with what looks like cookie sheets, and then setting themselves up to be the base for the spot that goes off in a way that makes you flinch. Striker yells ‘crash and burn!’ appropriately, and claims that the technical difficulties make the event ‘special’. …I guess? Not in the way that you’re saying, Striker, but yeah, sure, special. A double suicide dive by the Villanos goes about as well as you’d expect it to as this match screeches to it’s finish. Villano III and Psycho Clown are in the ring fighting, Psycho Clown getting the better of him but refusing to pin him because he has too much respect for him, as Striker puts it.  Nobody else seems to understand what is going on. Villano IV gets in and Psycho Clown gets into a brawl with him, a terrible, long-winded brawl with complete silence from the crowd and commentary, minus the ever-present hellish buzz. Striker says there’s no slapping of the leg here just “FLESH ON FLESH”. What?! Villano IV hits a lowblow on Psycho Clown and gets the cover for the win. A miraculous end to a mess, an absolute trash fire of a match. Dear lord.

The Aftermath

The post-match was almost enough to salvage the actual match, but not by much. They should have just scrapped the match and called it a nice farewell ceremony for Tropicasas and Villano III. Psycho Circus and Villanos all hugged, celebrating with their family and even had kids wearing their masks in the ring. It was all very nice and touching, unfortunately it did not really take away from the mess that just occurred in that ring. The match itself was one thing, the technical issues were another entirely. It was like you’re already seeing a car crash, but then a truck barrels through it. If you’re a first time viewer of AAA, the commentary did you no help to understand what was actually happening in this match. Whether it was Striker making references that had nothing to do with anything (like he always does), or Hugo either being too quiet to hear or just stuttering through trying to explain the situation, you had no assistance. It was a painful eleven minutes to sit through.

This event went on with the same technical issues, never really letting up, and the event itself didn’t deliver anything so great that you’d forgive the issues (and this match). This event was panned across the board, pretty much a complete disaster for AAA’s swing at bringing their stuff to the mainstream, being given Worst Show of the Year award, and the Villanos/Psycho Circus match winning the coveted Worst Match award. Dave Meltzer gave this the ultimate honor of minus five stars, calling it one of the worst matches he has ever seen. Hard to argue with him there.

That just about wraps it all up with a horribly tied bow around it, putting this match into the darkened abyss where it belongs, not a star to be seen, not a good rating in sight, forever among the starless. Thanks for reading. ‘Til next time.


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