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Alpha-1 Wrestling “Watch the Throne 4” Review (4/10/16)

One of the bigger shows for this company, and with a good looking lineup, it would be hard to disagree. The intro video has N*****z in Paris by the Throne, a pure banger, and I love that song so much, but I am going off on a tangent. So let us get right into it.

Shane Sabre vs. Alex Daniels**

Daniels is so underrated in AIW, and this a good showcase for him, but it was so darn short. Like 3 minutes long, and these two are great as they could have gone a lot longer. There was a damn Burning Hammer kickout, what the hell! Back and forth, but only for 3 minutes which was a bit dumb, and Daniels gets the win with a sweet looking 630.

Dr. Daniel C Rockingham vs. Hellcat vs. Cloudy vs. Dick Justice vs. Frankie Flynn vs. Jim Nye vs. Josh Rogen vs. Preston Myles vs. Rickey Shane Page vs. Space Monkey**3/4

A very solid match, a lot of funny stuff, Dick Justice was pretty funny and the crowd loves dick. How could you not? While Dick was in there, he ends up getting arrested as he is not an official officer in Canada. He gets counted due to being arrested, brilliant. Monkey is injured when he comes in, and it is a travesty to see the monkey like this but he does get Rogen eliminated! When Rockingham and Monkey were in the ring together, it felt like I was watching AIW, don’t know if that is good or bad. Shane Page made his Alpha-1 return in this match. The crowd went crazy! After getting rid of Space Monkey, he cuts a promo saying he wasn’t hurt, he just needed time off, due to mental health issues, glad to see he is okay! Rickey gets DQ’d for keeping Nye in a submission after Nye taps and Nye stays in the match. Cloudy and Nye were pretty good as finalists and Nye wins after rolling up Cloudy. Nye has a chance for any title he wants. He then decides to challenge for the tag titles with Space Monkey.

Alessandro del Bruno vs. Nunzio***

As commentary says, an all Italian grudge fight. Early on, del Bruno has Nunzio chasing him around on the outside of the ring which was pretty funny. The match in general was pretty funny, not the best in ring, was not supposed to be though, and Nunzio is still a VERY entertaining wrestler. He can also sell, like when he got hit with a flapjack, he flopped in the most perfect way. Jade Chung helped out del Bruno to get him the win, as she pulled down Nunzio and he hit a sweet looking Penalty Kick. Very fun match to watch.

After that match, O’Shea calls out the Virus and he calls out Virus so he can take off his mask. Josh Alexander comes out, and on one condition, if Virus takes off the mask, he gets a title shot. But it was Seleziya Sparx, she is awesome! He then makes a multi-man no DQ match for later on in the show.

(Alpha-1 Zero Gravity Championship) Kobe Durst (c) vs. Heidi Lovelace****

Lovelace is one of the only Intergender wresters I like, and Durst is great. The match starts off hot, while Durst is walking out, Heidi hits a dive. A BRUTAL match, and Durst pulled no punches. Heidi was tough as all hell. They went to the outside, literally, and fought on some picnic tables until Heidi got hit with sidewalk slam for a near fall. This was not pretty, and it shouldn’t have been, it benefited from being a nasty and gritty match. Heidi hits double knees onto Durst as he was on the table, it did not break, back senton, did not break, double stomp, did not break, so she just says fuck it and powerbombs him through it. While the table not breaking three times was annoying, the powerbomb was just awesome. At one point, Durst just throws a chair at Heidi’s head while she was on the top rope. He goes up to the top and hits a top rope frankensteiner and Heidi is bleeding everywhere. VERY badly but she kept on going. They start to fight on the bar and del Bruno interferes and helps him out by PKing Heidi while here, and then DURST HITS A PILEDRIVER FROM THE BAR THROUGH THE TABLE. That got him the win, and if it didn’t I would have been shocked. A hoot and a display of when intergender can be good. Heidi gets stretchered out to the back, she was out, an epic battle.

(Alpha-1 Tag Team Championship) Black Spades (c) vs. Eric Cairnie & Gregory Iron vs. The Theory of Evolution**1/2

Nye and Monkey got this match since Nye won the Gauntlet and these two are great together. Monkey is still limping from earlier. Monkey still hits a Monkey Flip, which I love. Eric Cairnie knee nearly got decapitated by a knee check. Black Spades nearly win but Iron was not the legal man! It really hurt to see Space Monkey being beat down like that, he is really good at selling. In general, a pretty average match, felt a bit sloppy at some points, three teams felt very awkward and unnatural. After hitting a rocket launcher the Theory of Evolution pull off the upset and that was a good finish, a good way to end this match. They are a very fun tag team.

Ethan Page vs. Shane Douglas**3/4

All Ego vs. The Franchise, what an odd match we are about to witness, and only at Alpha-1! All Ego Ethan Page calls himself the Franchise of Canada, I love it. The crowd was going absolutely nuts for this one, almost taking over the match. This was a comedy match, and some of the time it was very funny like when Page put on Monkey’s helmet and head butted The Franchise. Douglas spits water into the face of all Ego and hits a headbutt with a helmet too! The Franchise was very slow, and he dragged down the match, but I did not expect much and he was still hilarious. He hit a pretty bad spinebuster and the Franchiser was not the best looking move in the match to be honest, but Page kicks out of it. Page wins with a Headshot! For a match with a ton of comedy, it had me chuckling. After the match, Douglas literally shoots on TNA and WWE which was quite funny, puts over Ego, and Nunzio comes out and they drink some Brewski.

(Alpha-1 Alpha Male Championship Elimination Match) Scotty O' Shea (c) vs. Brent Banks vs. Cheech vs. Seleziya Sparx***1/2

The Franchise is on the call here, brothers this looks like a damn hoot and Sparx has made her return to the Alpha-1 ring! The opening was sick, with some cool pin attempts and Banks flipping out, but Sparx comes in and throws a chair at everyone. O’Shea hits a sloppy double hurricanrana but it was still cool to see. In the early parts of the match, Sparx was very passive, ducking and avoiding conflict until the time was right. Which included Cheech taking a sick apron face bump. When Sparx and O’Shea finally had an encounter, it felt epic, including Sparx powerbombing O’Shea twice, one time was a sit out bomb! O’Shea hit a piledriver on her and she sold it so good, it was crazy. He hesitated the Control Alt Delete but after being rolled up he just super kicked the shit out of her. And Anotha One as Khaled would say. He hits the Control Alt Delete but another Virus interferes. The Virus attacks O’Shea and Sparx gets the win with the Virus’ help! New Alpha Male Champ! Sparx decides to restart the match and lays down for Virus. What the hell? IT IS JOSH FUCKING ALEXANDER!! WHAT THE HECK! This is awesome! Josh Alexander is back and your NEW Alpha Male Champion! After the match, Alexander cuts a heel promo saying he is still GM and fires O’Shea. He also announces his first match back will be against Heidi Lovelace at the next show!

Holy shit, Josh Alexander has come back to professional wrestling! A pretty solid show and the returns of Sparx but more importantly Josh Alexander were amazing. For all your Alpha-1 reviews, you are already in the right place, Wrestling With Words.

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