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AJPW Summer Action Series Review: Suwama Returns

Suwama has returned...

AJPW Summer Action Series

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July 14, 2016

Korakuen Hall – Tokyo, Japan


Masanobu Fuchi, Trans Am Hiroshi & Ultimo Dragon vs. Osamu Nishimura, Ryuji Hijikata & SUSHI

HIROSHI, MASANOBU FUCHI. OMG this is the greatest entrance for SUSHI. Schoolgirl cheerleaders, a giant lime green Pokemon looking bastard, and a dude in lime green complete with Sami Zayn derby hat. Dragon and SUSHI start with a nice wrestling exchange, Trans Am gets worked over for a bit, at one point there’s a bit of a botched spot between Dragon and SUSHI, Trans Am tags back in and is a house of fire. He delivers a perfect plex on SUSHI, goes for the pin but it’s broken up by Nishimura and Hijikata, Fuchi looks great for his age, (he’s 62) Fuchi still wrestling is the kind of thing that is not done in North America yet is part of what makes Japanese wrestling so awesome. Nishimura delivers some trademark stiff looking uppercuts, there’s a sick stereo enziguri’s spot by Nishimura and Hijikata on Hiroshi. This leads to SUSHI attempting his diving head butt off the top rope onto Hiroshi who rolls out of the way and hits the perfect plex on SUSHI for the pinfall and the victory at 12:14 of a fun opening match.

Keisuke Ishii & Masashi Takeda vs. Soma Takao & Yuma Aoyagi

Great opening sequence between Soma and Ishii to start things off. Takeda and Aoyagi look good together, Good stiff exchanges between them. Aoyagi executes a nice drop kick on Takeda. Takeda looks tougher than leather. I would not want to meet this guy in a dark alley. Aoyagi with a sick corkscrew plancha ( I don’t think that move is in the young boys playbook ). Sick finishing sequence between Soma and Ishii as Ishii attempts possibly a tiger suplex which Soma turns into a roll up and in one continuous motion turns into a dude buster on Ishii for the win. I really like all four of these guys, this is a good easy to watch 8 minute match. Soma and Aoyagi get the win in 8:04.

Kengo Mashimo & Yutaka Yoshie vs. Ryouji Sai & Takao Omori

Mashimo and Sai are grappling on the mat and as they get tangled up near the ropes Sai stops wrestling and grabs his face, as they separate Sai is in obvious pain. It appears Sai got poked in the eye by accident. For a moment it looks like he can’t continue. There’s a little bit of blood, not a lot, but it’s appears Sai is shook up. Match continues and Mashimo goes straight for Sai’s eye (what a dick). Stiff kick exchanges, stiff forearm exchanges between Mashimo and Sai, Omori shows a lot of fire in this one. Spot of the match is Mashimo with the ankle lock on Omori, Omori gets up on one leg and goes for the Enziguri but Masimo lets go of the ankle lock and catches the Enziguri attempt and promptly sinks in the ankle lock on this leg. Finish is Omori hitting Yoshie with the Axe Bomber followed up by Sai with the double foot stomp off the top rope for the win in 12:34.

GAORA TV Championship: Yohei Nakajima (c) vs. Takeshi Minamino

This was a good heel vs face match. Very slow paced and methodical. Minamino asks for a handshake and Nakajima is hesitant and rightly so as when they do shake hands Minamino goes for the cheap shot kick to the gut, but Nakajima is no fool, he catches the kick and boots Minamino in the gut instead. Minamino gets the advantage early and heelson Nakajima. Minamino goes under the ring apron and pulls out a knife with what looksto be a 9 inch blade on it!!!! WTF. The ref takes the blade away which allows Minaminothe chance to pull out a pipe from his trunks which he uses to choke Nakajima. Great heel work by Minamino. Nakajima makes his comeback with lots of great stiff kicks, he hits a plancha to the outside, back in the ring he hits a nice German and a sick ass axe kick to Minamino’s head as he is on all fours. Minamino throws the ref into Yohei (ref bump). Nakajima hits a bridging German for the win but there’s no ref to make the count. So as Nakajima is attending to the ref, Minamino sneaks up behind, hits the low blow, schoolboy roll up, handful of trunks, and just to make sure it’s obvious he needs to cheat to win, he manages to get his feet on the ropes as the ref counts three. Big smile on my face as Takeshi Minamino defeats Yohei Nakajima in 15:41 to win the GAORA TV Title.

AJPW Junior Heavyweight Championship: Hikaru Sato (c) vs. Tatsuhito Takaiwa


First 7 minutes are nothing much. Lots of grappling and mat work which I like but I’m not getting into this match. Well that changes real quick, Takaiwa takes control with a brainbuster, stiff clothesline in the corner, and a HBK style elbow drop for a near fall. Satogoes for a standing armbar but Takaiwa turns it into a DVD for another near fall. A few seconds later Sato transitions into a cross arm breaker but Takaiwa gets to the ropes. Now Sato is in control and Takaiwa is in jeopardy. Sato keeps transitioning into arm breaker submissions in between stiff kicks, clotheslines, and back drop suplexes. Out of nowhere Takaiwa drops Sato with a stiff lariat and another DVD for a near fall. Now this match is fire! Too many crazy exchanges to keep track of. Tenzan Driver by Takaiwa for 2, somewhere in here there’s another DVD by Takaiwa, Powerbomb by Takaiwa for the pin but Sato turns it into a triangle attempt, which is reversed into a cross arm breaker by Takaiwa, which is reversed into a cross arm breaker by Sato, Holy shit!!! Sato ties Takaiwa into a pretzel and Takaiwa has no choice but to tap at 15:32. Hell of a match!!! After the match, Takao Soma is in the ring and he issues a challenge for Sato’s title.

Jun Akiyama & Konosuke Takeshita vs. NEXTREAM (Jake Lee & Kento Miyahara)

Holy shit! What a match! Hot start as Akiyama goes for the running knee and the exploder right off the bat, which Kento avoids, Kento tries for his black out knee but Jun avoids it as well. Everything you would want and expect from this match. Jun being a dick, lots of heat between him and Miyahara. Nice stiff exchanges between Lee and Takeshita. Brawling on the outside. Stiff as hell kicks from Lee to Takeshita, DDT by Miyahara on Akiyama on the floor. Back in the ring and Jun is in trouble as Kento goes for an armbar submission but Takeshita saves Jun. About 6 mins in and we got champion vs. champion as Miyahara and Takeshita square off for the first time in the match. OMG!!! WHAT A DROPKICK from Takeshita on Miyahara followed up by a brainbuster for a near fall. Now we get a solid 5 minues of Lee and Takeshita. Great wrestling exchanges by these two, what fire from Takeshita. Lee hits his DDT for a near fall and its back to Akiyama and Miyahara for the finishing stretch. Incredible action here, black out knee to the back of the head by Miyahara, running knee to the face for 2, Miyahara with the straight jacket German but Jun breaks free, Miyahara runs into a sick knee from Akiyama as they do the Nakamura, Sakuraba spot from the Tokyo Dome and Akiyama hits the STERNESS DUST to pin Miyahara in 15:19, no doubt setting up a title match at the next big show.

Evolution (Atsushi Aoki, Naoya Nomura & Suwama) vs. Shuji Ishikawa, Super Tiger & Zeus


It is great to see Suwama back in action. This was a good match but had trouble following the tag match we just witnessed. Zeus wanted a piece of Suwama and I thought that would be a main focal point of this match but it really wasn’t. Zeus reminds me of Arnold in the first Terminator movie, I love his no selling of Nomura’s offense early on, he’s not the best wrestler but he’s good for what he does and is definitely improving. Ishikawa roughed up Nomura a lot too with big stiff knees in the corner. Ishikawa is great, Aoki is great, Suwama is great, hell Zeus is pretty damn great too. Sorry Super Tiger! Lots of back and forth solid match, not a lot of flow, surprise ending when Ishikawa hit what appeared to be a tear drop suplex for the pin on Suwama at 16:57.

Overall Thoughts:

What a fun show to watch. All of the undercard matches delivered, and the show built really nicely from match to match. The only thing I would say is that maybe the 6 man should have been second from the top, with the Akiyama & Takeshita vs. Miyahara & Lee tag as the main event. I would definitely recommend the Jr. Heavyweight title match, the Akiyama vs. Miyahara tag match, as well as the 6 man and the GAORA TV title match. So if you get a chance go to the RealHero archive on Google Drive and check this show out! You will enjoy it!! See you next time brothers and sisters.


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