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AJPW Okinawa Impact 3 Review (3/21/16)

Okinawa, Japan 
Tomigusuku Citizen Gym 
1,812 Fans

Two weeks before this show made air I volunteered to review this show. Why you ask? Because Gurukun Mask is working All Japan Pro Wrestling. Because Ryukyu Dog Dingo is working All Japan Pro Wrestling. Because SUSHI, Apple Miyuki & Shuri Joe vs. Hejor Kidman, Rekka & Tida Heat is a match that is happening in All Japan Pro Wrestling. OH and Kento Miyahara makes his first defense of the Triple Crown against the legendary Takao Omori. Awesome looking card on paper. This also drew the most amount of fans to an All Japan show since 2015. Kento is a draw guys!

Jake Lee vs. Hikaru Sato**3/4

Pretty average opener surprisingly. I thought with these two wrestlers involved it would be a great sub 10 minute match but in all actuality it was just a match. Don’t get me wrong though, if these guys got a good 15-20 minutes they could put on one heck of a match. Hikaru Sato was being more of a dickhead than usual. Nothing overly heelish but just little things like not giving a clean break and sliding outside of the ring. Lee did an awesome Daniel Bryan like running high kick. Jake Lee was getting the better of Sato and got a lot of offence in. Lee hit Sato with one of Sato’s signature maneuvers, the Penalty Kick. The match results said this went 9 minutes but it felt like 5 minutes, Sato won with an ankle hold.

SUSHI, Apple Miyuki & Shuri Joe vs. Hejor Kidman, Rekka & Tida Heat***

Oh Japanese wrestling you never fail me. After SUSHI’s team was announced, some men come into the ring with a big box and in that box was a giant dead fish. They all posed with the dead fish for photos. I’m guessing because they use the fish in Sushi and SUSHI’s gimmick is that he’s sushi? I have no clue. It was awesome though. This was tons of fun, though, because I am not familiar with the Ryukyu Dragon wrestlers and this was only my second or third time seeing each of them. Everyone was enjoyable and the crowd was very much into the wrestling and comedy that was taking place. Tida Heat was the standout of the match. Very athletic and crisp with his flying. He did a standing shooting star press as well as a very big tope con hilo. Shuri Joe looked like he drank 2 liters of coffee because that dude was on fire, tons of energy. Hibiscus Mii pinned Kidman with a wheelbarrow pin after the referee who was wearing a mask give him a clothesline.

Osamu Nishimura & Yuma Aoyagi vs. Ultra Soki & Churaumi Saber**1/2

This was a solid match but again nothing special. Well, Churaumi Saber did some really impressive things. He is super athletic and has a build like Super Delfin, he pulled off a handspring back elbow within the first couple minutes. Aoyagi and Churaumi Saber did some great mat work. Someone really needs to tell Nishimura that he is becoming Yoshiaki Fujiwara. Every time I see him he looks more and more like our god Mr. Fujiwara. Nishimura uppercuts were so great he connected right on the jaw. Saber did a standing moonsault and a twisting senton. Nishimura locked in a figure 4 leg lock but Soki made it to the ropes but shortly after Soki was caught in a backslide for the 3 count.

Zeus vs. Naoya Nomura***

This was the best thing on the show thus far. I really enjoyed Zeus just being the king he is and no selling Nomura’s offence early on. Zeus just took the fight to Nomura early on and threw him to the outside but Nomura fired back with a big forearm. Zeus got the control back and did Zeus things which included an awesome gorilla-press slam. The ladies love to clap for Mr. Zeus, I can’t blame them really… JUST LOOK AT HIM! Nomura’s comeback included two signature Nomura spears and an impressive Northen lights suplex. Zeus caught Nomura coming off the top rope and chokeslamed him to the deep dark pits of hell. Nomura kicked out of the biceps explosion but couldn’t kick out of the Jackhammer.

Jun Akiyama & Gurukun Mask vs. Ultimo Dragon & Yohei Nakajima***1/2

This was great while it lasted. I love all four guys very much. Guruken and Dragon have a simple but amazing opening exchange. It’s crazy to think they are both over the age of 45. Ultimo did his spinning headscissors. Nakajima took Akiyama off his feet with a big kick to the chest. Guruken and Nakajima traded kicks to the back like Shibata and Ishii. Jun Akiyama seems angry at Yohei so he just beat the life out of him with knees, forearms and a piledriver. Ultimo tagged in and had a superb hit at it with Jun, it’s always nostalgic and awesome to see Jun and Ultimo to go at it. Dragon still turns it on when it’s necessary, beautiful dropkick and an enzuiguri to Jun. Ultimo and Yohei work great together, snap suplex and then Nakajima came off the top with a foot stomp. Guruken Mask and Nakajima had a crazy awesome 2 minute sprint at the back end of this match. Superkicks, Germans, lariats, head kicks AHHHHHHH it was awesome! Big dog Jun comes in and knocks down Nakajima with a lariat followed by a sliding knee for a near fall. Nakajima kicks out again after an exploder but Jun Akiyama drops Yohei on his head with another exploder to get the win.

(World Junior Heavyweight Championship) Atsushi Aoki (c) vs. Dingo***1/4

For those that don’t know Dingo is an Australian but lives in Japan and wrestles mainly for Okinawa Pro. This was pretty good, nothing bad at all, everything looked good (except Dingo’s senton) and the structure of the match laid out very good. Dingo shined early on with a flurry of offence which included spinning wheel kicks, basement dropkicks and aforementioned bad looking senton. Aoki weakened Dingo’s arm early on but not the entire match, he would go back to attacking the arm later on though. Dingo used a codebreaker on the apron which is weird because why would you take a back bump onto the ‘hardest part of the ring’? Anyway he followed that up with a 619 and a flipping senton off the apron … a good senton this time! Aoki got all his shit in, awesome missile dropkick that is Masato Yoshino levels awesome. Big frogsplash transitioned straight into an arm lock which was neat. Dingo kicked out of the spider Poseidon which is a rare move for Aoki to use. Crowd was very much into Dingo, they were on the edge of their seats when Dingo was getting near falls. Atsushi Aoki forced Dingo to submit to a great looking arm lock. 

(Triple Crown Championship) Kento Miyahara (c) vs. Takao Omori****

The one we have all been waiting for! It definitely lived up to what I was expecting. Incredible bout, Omori knows when he needs to turn it up and he did in this match for sure. I watched this at 12 PM  when I was sleepy as heck and I still am sleepy as heck but this match got me off my chair numerous times, I guess the internet would call it ‘marking out’, but I call it enjoying wrestling. They both have each other scouted, they have wrestled so many times in tags recently they know each others big time offence. Omori gave Miyahara an axe-bomber whilst Kento was on the top rope it was such a throwback. Tons of action, both men are getting control or ‘heat’ segments. Miyahara’s flying triangle choke is a thing of beauty. Omori decided he wanted to put the Triple Crown champ out of commission. Piledriver on the apron, followed by another piledriver in the ring! Holy shit that was incredible. Omori superplexed Miyahara but Miyahara bounced back up and knocks down the challenger with a boot. Bicycle knee followed by a brainbuster for a near fall. Omori busted out a goddamn release Dragon Suplex out of nowhere. Omori didn’t just hit one Omori driver but two! Even two Omori drivers couldn’t put the champ down! This is amazing. Omori kicked out of 1 when Kento connected with another bicycle knee but he falls to a stray jacket German suplex hold. Excellent.

VERY average show that was saved by a fantastic main event match. Felt big time, felt old school. That main event is modern day All Japan Pro Wrestling, it was perfect. I have loved All Japan’s product but 2016 has been quite average. They need to focus on these types of matches! Work rate. The crowd was electric because they were blown away by the WRESTLING. All Japan was always the work rate promotion in Japan and I honestly believe they can become the #1 promotion in Japan for work rate once again. It will take a very long time but if they focus on matches like the main event then I am positive they will get there. Fun show though, basically a Ryukyu/AJPW joint show. 13 All Japan wrestlers and 9 Ryukyu Dragon wrestlers. I would love to see more of Gurukun Mask and Tida Heat, they were great. Just like I hope this review was. Let me know what you thought. I will be back soon with more Puroresu reviews.


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