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AJPW New Explosion In Ryogoku Kokugikan Review, Results (November 27, 2016): #UncleJun


The hype has been here for months and brothers we are finally here. All Japan is returning to Sumo Hall for the first time in three years with one of the wackiest professional wrestling line ups in history. I have gone on record saying that this is the best possible card they could have mustered up. It will deliver match quality wise in some matches and in other matches it’s not about how good the match is it’s about the people involved. Onita for example being on this show is seriously one of the smartest things ever. Onita is a god to numerous people and will draw 100’s of his Onita army to this show. Isami has tons of fans and is probably the biggest draw on the indies so he will draw folk into the building. This is going to be so special and is my most anticipated show of the year. Kento Miyahara is in the main event of Sumo Hall, this is truly going to be special brothers.

Naoya Nomura vs. Takuya Nomura ***1/2

What a wonderful way to open this wonderful show. You have Big Japan’s top rookie going up against one of All Japan’s rookie stand outs. Both guys look like absolute studs and in five years they will be walking down the ramp of Sumo Hall to main event the show. The match was worked in a way where Takuya was invading Naoya’s territory and Takuya was just all action moving a million miles a minute but Naoya wanted to slow him down and show Takuya who’s house this is. Nomura is at his best when he faces veterans but he was still awesome here. I know a few people watching All Japan for the first time thought Takuya was incredible and I agree, he was the stand out of the match. He hit so many picture perfect strikes throughout. The finish was awesome Takuya hit a high kick then rolled up Naoya for the victory. Hope Takuya works All Japan more in the future.

SUSHI, Tsuyoshi Kikuchi & Masao Inoue vs. Kaji Tomato, Kazuhiro Tamura & Naoshi Sano **1/2

The first of several wacky multi man matches and this was pretty okay. I hesitate to call it good but there were legit great moments but sadly they only lasted a few seconds. Having 53 year old Tsuyoshi Kikuchi out there doing leg lariats and bridging suplexes is what wrestling is all about. Inoue did absolutely nothing memorable whatsoever, I think he was just there and smiled. Sano did nothing good either, I have no clue why he of all people ended up on this show. Tamura and SUSHI’s interactions were the high points of this match. Tamura made SUSHI tap to the Minoru special to pick up the victory.

Super Tiger, Ryuji Hijikata, Rey Paloma & Diablo vs. Mitsuya Nagai, Tatsuhito Takaiwa, Takeshi Minamino & Black Tiger VII***

THIS WAS SERIOUSLY GOOD AND I AM SHOCKED BECAUSE I THOUGHT OUT OF EVERYTHING THIS WOULD STINK BUT NO IT WAS PRETTY SWEET. You have Super Tiger leading team super sleaze to the ring to face DARK NIGHTMARE 2.0, amazing. Rey Paloma got his own entrance which I thought was incredible, he is the Dove Pro champion I believe ? I don’t know he had some belt with him. Super Tiger and Black Tiger had a really good sequence to open the match. Like I’m not joking this was really good, Hijikata was awesome and stole the show. It’s sad he chooses not to wrestle as much anymore because he’s so damn good. Diablo did nothing memorable. Nagai was an ass kicker and gave off the vibe that he will mess you up if you look at him the wrong way. Minamino was cool I guess, he did nothing offensive. Takaiwa was lovely like always, his diving elbow drop looked extra impactful. In the end though Super Tiger pinned Minamino with his Tiger Suplex hold. Weird outcome but whatever.

Dory Funk Jr., Chavo Guerrero Sr., Ultimo Dragon & TAJIRI vs. The Great Kabuki, Osamu Nishimura , Yutaka Yoshie & Isami Kodaka FUN

Okay this is the hoot of the year no doubt, not a great match technically but holy German Gerbils this was so much fun! I don’t know if I can be your friend if you can talk negatively towards this match.  Everyone knows how I love Isami Kodaka with all my heart and he was just wonderful here. He took all of his opponents offence and bumped like a champion. HE MADE A DORY FUNK JR. 2016 BACK ELBOW LOOK GOOD! Isami was a dick throughout the match and it was great. He didn’t care Dory is 75, he gave him a sliding basement dropkick which I laughed and cringed at simultaneously. Chavo Guerrero Sr. can still move and had a grappling session with Isami. I JUST CRIED SO MUCH THROUGHOUT THIS MATCH ISAMI HAD LONG INTERACTIONS WITH FUNK AND CHAVO AND OMG I AM JUST THE HAPPIEST AUSTRALIAN TEENAGER EVER. PLEASE WATCH THIS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Yoshie faced off with Dory Funk Jr. and he didn’t even have to touch the legend and the entire crowd booed poor Yoshie. Ultimo Dragon as pointed out by Vinnie Massaro does not age and is still a great worker. Kabuki and Funk had a strike exchange and Funk sold like a champ. I don’t know man I just love wrestling so much and this was amazing. TAJIRI was cool as well, did his spring board back elbow and some kicks. In the end Funk cradled Nishimura for the win as he went for the spinning toe hold but Funk was like ‘NAH MOFO THAT’S MY MOVE’. Thank you Uncle Jun.

Jake Lee, Yuma Aoyagi & Koji Iwamoto vs. Ryoji Sai , Kengo Mashimo & Konosuke Takeshita***1/2

Along with the opener this was the other great match on the under card. I fear not enough people will talk about this or those that watch on VOD will skip this but please don’t or you will miss an awesome six man  tag. It’s basically the young guys of AJPW vs. the outside ass kickers. Interesting that Koji Iwamoto still got introduced as being from Sportiva as he just signed with All Japan earlier this week. Speaking of Iwamoto he was glorious here, the judo throw he hit on Takeshita was beautifully disgusting. Sai decided he didn’t want Aoyagi to live any longer and killed the dude with kicks. Out of everyone in the match I think Kengo Mashimo came off like the biggest star, he just as an aura about him that’s so unique. My dude Jake Lee looked super excited and fired up, his strikes were all stiff. He got out stiffed ? In the end from Sai when Sai pinned Lee with the best diving double foot stomp in wrestling.

Jun Akiyama & Kendo Kashin vs. Takao Omori & Manabu Soya***

This was so odd, GET WILD has returned and the crowd was pretty kind to them. Uncle Jun was over like rover and rightfully so. Kashin was just so out of place and didn’t work in this match. He did his usual shtick which does nothing for me but the crowd seemed to somewhat enjoy it. Kashin is terrible we all know but he has fans he draws to the building so we can’t get too mad. Soya was on fire here, definitely one of his better performances in recent memory. Omori has aged but he still hit some cool stuff like his spinning wheel kick. Akiyama was great and overly fired up, when he gets going with those knee’s there is no stopping him. In the end Akiyama pinned Omori with a wrist-clutch style exploder suplex.

GAORA TV Championship Match: Yohei Nakajima vs. Jiro “Ikemen” Kuroshio ***1/2

Jiro Kuroshio was like the most over guy on the show and that’s no joke. He was getting booed pretty heavy at Korakuen in October for AJPW but here in Sumo Hall he was a god. Kobashi was introduced before this match and Jiro got a bigger ovation, truly incredible. This match was super good, a little sloppy at points but overall it was very good and one of Nakajima’s best matches all year. Nakajima was booed actually he was ripping at the jacket of Kuroshio and was super serious. I loved that because I don’t love smiling happy go lucky Yohei Nakajima all that much. When he goes out there, doesn’t dance and kicks ass his one of my favorite dudes. Ikemen did some crazy flips and one insane dive. You never know what dive Ikemen is going to do, he has so many up his sleeve. The finish was wonderful, Ikemen hit two moonsaults as a tribute to Keiji Mutoh then he locked in the Delfin Clutch to put Yohei away. Ikemen defeated Super Delfin a week or so ago so I love that continuity.

World Junior Heavyweight Championship Match: Soma Takao vs. Keisuke Ishii***1/2

This was a super good match that won’t get enough praise or be talked about enough because the crowd didn’t really give a crap. If this was in front of a DDT audience my rating would probably be higher and a lot more people would be talking about how good this was. Keisuke Ishii is such a great talent that never gets talked about, people mistake him as just another mid card DDT dude when in actuality he is a very special talent that is underappreciated. Takao looks like a boss and wrestles pretty good but Ishii really outclassed him here. There haven’t been tons of high profile Keisuke Ishii bouts this year so he gave it his all here and was awesome. His knee variations are super unique and look great every time. I don’t remember a ton but there was a tons of action and fast paced movement. I was sad Shigehiro Irie wasn’t here to watch his former stablemates go at it. In an awesome turn of events Keisuke Ishii defeated Soma Takao and finally achieved his goal of being a champion in AJPW! Yuma Aoyagi is the first challenger! I LOVE ALL OF THIS.

All Asia Tag Championship Match: Atsushi Aoki & Hikaru Sato vs. Masanobu Fuchi & Atsushi Onita **3/4

I’m not sure what I witnessed and I’m not sure how to write about it honestly. You really just have to watch this bout for yourself. I’m serious I have nothing to say, it sure was a damn spectacle. Atsushi Onita is a champion in All Japan in 2016, he was the first ever graduate of the AJPW dojo and now 40 years later he is finally an AJPW champion with another graduate of the first AJPW dojo class ever Mr. Fuchi. Sato and Aoki were awesome here and I think Fuchi and Onita were to ? I don’t know. The finish had Fuchi pin Sato after SEVEN back drop drivers. I love wrestling. Masao Inoue & Jun Akiyama will be the first challengers for those titles. I am so confused.

World Tag Championship Match: Daisuke Sekimoto & Yuji Okabayashi vs. Zeus & The Bodyguard***3/4

What a battle of men, I have reviewed every one of these teams bouts against one another and I feel like I say that every time. It was just a pure battle of testosterone and muscle. Bodygah for the first time didn’t stick out like a sore thumb and was actually pretty damn awesome. Daisuke Sekimoto was dropped on his head like five times though which was super scary. One of those times were from a doomsday device which is a cool thought but then you have to think it probably isn’t practical. I hope Sekimoto is okay and is able to walk straight tomorrow. Okabayashi was so charismatic here, what a legend. Zeus was super impressive as always. These guys did a completely different match to their previous two bouts but also added some call back spots which I can respect. There was one spot where Zeus and Bodygah just sort of lifted Strong BJ up at the same time and dropped them onto each other ? I don’t know it looked killer. In the end Zeus pinned Sekimoto to regain his Tag Team Championships. Solid stuff from some solid lads.

Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship Match: Kento Miyahara vs. Suwama****

WOW what a match, what a shocking outcome! Just wow! All Japan Pro Wrestling capped off their biggest show in years with a very special bout. Pitting their young ace against an All Japan veteran on the hunt for his title he never lost. The story is quite awesome and the video package they played before hand will fill you up on everything if you don’t understand the story. Both guys got nice reactions with Suwama having more fans just slightly. The match for the first 15 minutes was good but very boring, some really cool spots. Suwama looked good for most of the first 15 minutes, hitting big suplexes. But holy cow can he stop with the sleeper holds, I expected it but man he used multiple sleeper holds throughout this match. I think his been using the sleeper more is to catch his breath which is sad but a man gotta do what a man gotta do. Kento sold so well when he was getting his ass beat, especially when he was in those damn sleeper’s he looked like he was going to pass out. Also special shout outs to long time All Japan official Kyohei Wada, he was really good here and I believe added to the match somewhat. Kento made his comeback and didn’t show signs of giving up. He wanted to keep HIS Triple Crown Championship around his waist. He wouldn’t give up with his knee strikes and German suplexes. The blackout knee strikes he uses are some of the best knee’s in wrestling and that’s high praise when he works for a company ran by Jun Akiyama. He murdered poor Suwama with those knee’s, he hit one to the back of the head which made me squeal. They traded Germans. The last 10 or so minutes were great and made up for the first part of the match being slow. To the shock of me and many others KENTO PINNED SUWAMA 1..2..3 WITH HIS SHUTDOWN GERMAN SUPLEX HOLD! No one has ever kicked out of that and I thought Suwama would for sure but nope, Kento retained and did a beautiful post-match speech. I love All Japan Pro Wrestling so much.

  • Fantastic - 9.0/10


I think this will be very high on a lot of peoples shows of the year, like me. I think this may be my show of the year. Everything delivered in one way or another and the show was capped off by a tremendous main event with the right finish. The show built and when it needed comedy you had comedy, when it needed action you had action. This was a very well balanced show, a mix of everything wonderful that makes a fantastic wrestling event. Was WK10 overall a better show match quality wise ? Of course but I enjoyed myself much more watching this show. Thank you #UncleJun



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