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AJPW Dynamite Series Review – Kaientai Killer

All Japan Pro Wrestling Dynamite Series
June 15, 2016
Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan

All Japan is back at Korakuen Hall with a very intriguing and different card. This show is incorporating much more talent from various other promotions. Kaientai Dojo is well represented with Kaji Tomato in the opener and Kengo Mashimo in the main event challenging for the Triple Crown. DDT sent Soma Tako, Tetsuya Endo and Konsuke Takeshita over for a show. HEAT-UP founder Kazuhiro Tamura is defending his newly won GAORA TV Championship against Yohei Nakajima. Big Japan’s Yuji Okabayashi and Daisuke Sekimoto are challenging the BIG GUNS for the Tag Team Championships which should be a giant clash of giant lads. All Japan keep doing you! I love you.

Masanobu Fuchi, SUSHI, Osamu Nishimura & Ryuji Hijikata vs. Ultimo Dragon , Atsushi Maruyama , Soma Takao & Kaji Tomato **3/4

This was the typical fun 8 man Korakuen opener. All the guy’s got their points to shine. I wish Hijikata had more time in the ring as he is a great pro wrestler. Kaji Tomato got his own entrance in AJPW! It was beautiful. Kaji Tomato and Nishimura grappled one another which was actually very entertaining, Nishimura makes the simplest moves mean something. There is still a place for Nishimura in 2016 without a doubt. Old man Masanobu Fuchi lit the crowd on fire with his world class body slams. Legit there was a ‘FUCHI’ chant that was quite loud, 66 year old Fuchi even went for a flying dropkick! The commentators plugged SMASH wrestling in Canada because SUSHI wrestled their on the 29th of last month. Ultimo ends up pinning SUSHI with the La-magistral.

Ryoji Sai & Jake Lee vs. Shuji Ishikawa & Masashi Takeda ***1/4

Woah was this super fun! Quite crazy that this match is taking place in AJPW of all places. You have Sai representing LANDS END, Takeda representing U FILE CAMP, Jake representing AJPW and Shuji representing anywhere Shuji wants to wrestle. Takeda’s grappling was on show in the early part of this match, he is one of the most underrated folk in Japan. He is fucking tremendous watch every Masashi Takeda match ever please. Takeda has a killer release German that dropped Sai on his head. This is the epitome of a really solid match, they aren’t tapping into the next level but they are doing everything right. Ishikawa gave his own partner a power bomb over the top rope onto Sai! That was scary as shit! Dragon suplex on Jake Lee followed by a Fire Thunder Driver. TEAM SHUJITAKEDA WINS!

Takao Omori, Isami Kodaka & Yuko Miyamoto vs. Atsushi Aoki, Hikaru Sato & Naoya Nomura***

This was good, nothing fantastic but there were moments were I got out of my seat. Well I always get out of my seat when I see Isami so that is sort of a given. Isami makes everything he is in a billion times better. That is false but I still love him. What an adorable human being. I did an article about how great Isami is, check it out sometime. Hikaru Sato and Isami worked very well together as they will in SUMO HALL NEXT MONTH! Yuko looks very handsome in his white Sabu pants. Double tope’s from Yankee Two Kenju. Isami did his diving double knee drop to the back of Nomura and it looked pretty hurtful. Omori pinned Nomura in the end with the beautiful AXE-BOMBAAAAH.

GAORA TV Championship: Kazuhiro Tamura (c) vs. Yohei Nakajima***1/2

This was a tremendous professional wrestling match and a great showcase for Tamura. Love me some HEAT-UP in my All Japan. Isami and Omori came to ring side with Tamura and I popped huge. Early on it was nothing special and I was finding it hard to keep my attention. Nakajima’s selling of his arm was quite great though. Tamura did a really cool springboard arm breaker. SO many beautiful sequences and when Tamura used the AXE-BOMBAAAAH Omori seemed quite pleased. These two have very good chemistry and I would not be opposed to another match between the two, possibly in HEAT-UP ? Nakajima hit some awesome German suplexes but none finished the TV Champ. What finished him was a spinning head kick. New Champ! Tamura had a reign of 6 days with the strap.

Jun Akiyama & Yuma Aoyagi vs. Konosuke Takeshita & Tetsuya Endo ***1/2

This was much better than it had to be. We got what we wanted and craved! A TAKESHITA ASS BEATING BY A GRUMPY OLD DUDE! Oh yes Jun Akiyama beat the hell out of this kid. No selling Takeshita’s offence and squashing him with knee’s and whatever else Mr. Akiyama wanted to bust out. For the last three matches I didn’t write notes but I do know that I enjoyed everyone of them. I want more Endo and Takeshita in AJPW they worked really well with these two AJPW fella’s. Aoyagi got to showcase more than he has in recent outings. Going to be so great seeing Aoyagi in the Super J Cup. The near falls towards the back end of the match were super. Aoyagi almost pinned the KO-D Champion numerous times. In the end Takeshita pinned Aoyagi with a German suplex hold. Takeshita will be working the July AJPW Korakuen teaming with Jun.

World Tag Championship Match: Zeus & The Bodyguard vs. Daisuke Sekimoto & Yuji Okabayashi ***3/4

I don’t need to say much about this match at all. Really I could just say two words and it would summarize the entire match. You want to know those two words? These two words could change your life forever. These two words changed my life and changed the likes of Morten, Trask, Lawrence and Ian’s life as well. The two words are…. BIG LADS. THESE ARE FOUR GIGANTIC LADS AND THESE GIGANTIC LADS RAN AT EACH OTHER AND HIT EACH OTHER AND SUPLEXED EACH OTHER AND SLAMMED EACH OTHER AND HURT EACH OTHER AND PROVED TO BE THE FOUR BIGGEST LADS IN JAPAN. These are seriously probably some of the most muscular men in Japan and they were all in the same match. Sekimoto is the buffest dude in Japan without a doubt and Zeus is a specimen of a human. Zeus has had great matches with both members of Strong BJ so I expected this to be awesome. The only negative of this match was sadly The BODYGAAAAAH. It wasn’t his night, I don’t think long matches are the best for the 48 year old BODYGAAAH. After a while you could see he was tired and running very slow and his strikes looked piss poor but don’t tell him I said that. In the end Sekimoto pinned BODYGAAAAAAH with a perfect dead lift German suplex hold.

Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship Match: Kento Miyahara (c) vs. Kengo Mashimo ****

Oh man I am disappointed in myself because I was talking to certain humans on my phone during this match and I did miss some parts and wasn’t paying my entire attention sadly. But even though I did miss a lot of this I still thought it was a tremendous match. I will be watching this again today sometime so I can properly get an understanding for this match. I can’t review this match well because I don’t remember a lot, instead I remember what I was talking to that person about. It wasn’t that cool anyway, we were talking about pizza and my YouTube channel. What I do want to say is Kento has had a really good run with his title and I was glad he retained here of course. He won with the Shutdown German suplex hold. The third match in a row that ended with a German suplex hold!

Besides me being a dope and not giving me entire attention to a tremendous main event this was a super show! I don’t know why but this review took me a long ass time to write. One more thing is god bless All Japan Pro Wrestling, they are gaining more traction day by day and I believe they will pack Sumo Hall when they run there later this year. God Bless Mr. Akiyama and his staff. I better head off as it is 12 PM Australian time and I have work at 6 AM. Goodnight and good banter.


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