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AIW “Gauntlet for the Gold XI” Review (3/18/16)

The past few AIW shows have been VERY hit or miss, but this show looks amazing, to be honest. A lot of typical AIW goofiness but Pentagon Jr. and Zack Sabre Jr.?? So hyped! Before the show there are a lot of promos, including a great one from Ethan Page and Eddie Kingston says that he will quit if he loses tonight.

Eddie Kingston vs. Frankie Flynn**3/4

I am admittedly a huge Eddie Kingston fan, whether in AIW or CHIKARA, he is super entertaining. He called a fan the poster child for abortion during a promo, so there was that. If Kingston loses he leaves AIW. As with most Kingston matches, there was a lot of brawling, and both men were great in this. A lot of great banter as Flynn’s parents were there and Kingston kept yelling at them, telling them they raised his son wrong. Flynn surprises Kingston by rolling him up and getting the win. A good solid brawl to start off the show. After the match, Eddie says he quits.

(AIW Tag Team Championship) Hot Sauce Entertainment (c) vs. To Infinity and Beyond**1/2

Colin and Cheech took control very early until Williams hits a superplex. They then work on the armpits, a lot of holds were worked. Colin was getting destroyed by Hot Sauce until he finally made the tag to Cheech. A very average match, worked well, but couldn’t hold my attention until much later on in the match. The finishing stretch was cool, after trying to piledrive Cheech, and trading pins, Cheech hits the Go To Cheech on Williams for the win and to become new tag champs! After the match, Dux says they are not entertaining enough for the titles.

Alex Daniels vs. Britt Baker vs. Dr. Daniel C. Rockingham vs. Dominic Garrini vs. Garrison King vs. Joshua Singh***

A signature AIW 6 man scramble! Love watching Alex Daniels so I at least had that to look forward to, even though these opponents have been recycled against each other so much. I feel like I have seen this match so much already, felt like a repeat. One awesome thing that happened though was Daniels goes for a 630 but Garrini catches him in a triangle choke. The finish was pretty cool though as Daniels hits an interesting variation of the package piledriver. While it felt like a repeat, it had a lot of great spots.

Candice LeRae vs. Alex Shelley**1/2

An interesting match on paper. A lot of this match was Shelley being VERY flirtatious, VERY creepy, forcing a hug onto Candice. Once it got going though, it GOT going and it was pretty good, but Shelley was still being very creepy. Every time there was a suggestive submission, Shelley would just smile, like when he was in the Octopus hold. He even forces a kiss onto her. But Candice kept trying to have a wrestling match. After hitting a Vertebreaker and grabbing Candice’s boobs, Candice kicks out. Shelley hits an Air Raid Crash for the win. Something just felt off here. After the match, Shelley proposes to Candice, she says no and he attacks her, so Johnny Gargano comes out, as they are engaged. At the next show there will be a match between Shelley and Gargano, which should be good if this gimmick is still not there.

Cedric Alexander vs. Joey Janela vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Louis Lyndon***3/4

Janela, Alexander, Lyndon and Gargano in the same match? What a hoot it should be! This was Janela’s AIW debut, which is great as he should be at more places! This was a VERY fun sprint. Cedric, as always, was amazing, a lot of great maneuvers, such as out side dives, and a nasty lariat to Janela, and one of the most brutal kicks to Lyndon. I honestly wish this was longer, very good! Janela taps out to the GargaNO Escape.

(AIW Intense Championship) Jerry (c) vs. Rex Brody*1/2

A pretty average match, if you ask me, they had no chemistry, and some of it was very awkward, but it was far from being terrible. Just not that good and a very annoying spot towards the end with powder. Some funny Rex Brody helmet spots. At one point, Jerry brought out some powder, and it accidentally went into all the competitors’ eyes, including the ref. After that, as the commentary says, reminiscent of the blindfold match between Martel and Jake The Snake. They could not see and they were missing a lot until Brody hits a bodyslam but he immediately misses a senton. Jerry grabs a chair, and strikes with it wildly, which included him hitting the chair into the rope, which bounced back to his head, and he landed onto Brody for a near fall. Jerry and Rex both hit the ref, but he gets pissed and body/chokeslams both of them. After that, they can finally see. Jerry gets Brody into a crucifix and wins. That was something.

Pentagon Jr. vs. Ray Rowe***3/4

Good god, on paper this looks amazing and it pretty much was. This match started off as an AWESOME brawl, in and out the ring. This was a very good short match, if they went longer, it could have been a lot better, but it was still great! Pentagon hit a ton of great kicks in this match. Rowe hits a backbreaker/gutbuster/powerbomb combo for the win. The crowd was not that happy about that, but I was VERY happy with this match. Can we please get more of Pentagon Jr. in AIW and all U.S. Indies?

(AIW Absolute Championship) Ethan Page (c) vs. Zack Sabre Jr.***3/4

AIW really went all out for this show didn’t they? Bringing in ZSJ was a great choice, and I was very excited to see this match. This was also a VERY good match. A lot of great grappling and mat wrestling, mainly from Sabre Jr. A lot of signature Sabre stuff like the double stomp to the arm. Page was no slouch here too. He hits some good strikes and an awesome jackhammer. I don’t know what else to say, a very good match between these two. When All Ego tries, HE REALLY TRIES, and it shows. All Ego hits the Spinning Dwayne for the win!

After that we have the Dick Justice/Missy Hyatt Wedding, I personally disliked this but I can see others really liking this. During the wedding, Missy Hyatt turns on Dick, and she is now siding with Jock and the Colonel. How could you Missy?!

Gauntlet for the Gold XI***

30 people were in this one: Alex Daniels, Alex Kellar, Big Moe, BJ Whitmer, Brian Carson, Britt Baker, Candice LeRae, Cheech, Cloudy, Colin Delaney, Dick Justice, Dr. Daniel C. Rockingham, Evan Adams, Frankie Flynn, Garrison King, Gregory Iron, Jerry, Jock Samson, Johnny Gargano, Josh Prohibition, Joshua Singh, Louis Lyndon, Marion Fontaine, Raymond Rowe, Rex Brody, Ryan Kaplan, Space Monkey, Tim Donst, Tracy Williams, and Tyson Dux.

A very fun match. A lot of funny moments and a lot of funny spots. Even some great wrestling, but there were some pretty bad moments. The first elimination was Dr. C eliminating Garrison King. Seeing them all try to eliminate Big Moe was pretty funny. Weird Body, a guy who is pretty much a stick, was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and got them to eliminate Moe. When the Duke called out BJ Whitmer, the reaction was honestly awesome, I’ve never heard a crowd so split for BJ Whitmer. Josh Prohibition last eliminates Ray Rowe and gets the win, which is a bit weird as he recently lost to Ethan Page for the title.

Overall, this was one of the better AIW shows in a while, that had three VERY good matches, and after the last 2=two shows, which you can read my reviews on the site, this was a much-needed show. For all your AIW needs and reviews, you are already at the right place, Wrestling With Words.

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