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AIW Fullest House (We Hope!) Review

Welcome back to my second AIW review here! After that last show, which you can read my review on here, my hopes were a bit low. But let’s see if AIW can turn things around! The show, as per usual, starts with some promos, some are funny, some are good, some are even unbearable.

Brent Banks vs. Cloudy vs. Facade vs. Kobe Durst**3/4

Happy to see Kobe Durst here, loving the influx of Alpha 1 talent seeping through into the US indies. This match had a lot of flippy stuff. Which I love by the way. Flips are great. The beginning of this one was a bit boring until Facade and Cloudy picked up the pace, including a great turnbuckle head scissors and a flippy as all hell arm drag and European uppercut. Kobe Durst brought the power with some brutal strikes and kicks. But he could also be agile, with a top rope hurricanrana. Every time Durst was in the match, it picked up, and those sections were the best parts of the match. Him and Banks had great chemistry together in the ring and on the outside where they brawl through the crowd. Facade leaps to the outside and hits all of them. Facade misses a kick and hits an awesome springboard tope rope hurricanrana. Top rope Kobebreaker only gets a 2 count. Facade gets the win by pinning Durst after hitting a Arashikage Driver. Fun opener. Sucks they had the best guy in the match lose to the worst, but it was not too bad.

Brittany Blake vs. Veda Scott*

It was supposed to be Ray Lyn vs. Brittany Blake but Ray Lyn was injured so she introduces her replacement, AND IT IS GOD DAMN VEDA SCOTT. Oh fuck this man, they even botched Brittany Blake’s name card. The main thing regarding this match up was that Brittany Blake was constantly getting distracted by Lyn, which Veda capitalized on. Veda hits an awful diving lariat in this one and she kept going for awkward submissions. Brittany Blake hits an awesome Codebreaker and then hits a one legged missile dropkick. A terrible spear from Veda Scott leads to a pretty awesome enzuiguri from Scott. Never thought I’d say that. Veda hits a backpack stunner after interference, a capo kick, and a terrible Saito suplex for the win. Not even Brittany Blake could save this match, or Britt Baker as commentary kept referring to her as. They could have had anyone else besides Veda in this one. A pretty awful and boring match, but to be honest Veda did actually hit SOME cool moves here, but the bad outweighs the good. I love her as a manger but in ring, just no.

Big Moe Graziano & Little Guido vs. Weird World**3/4

Well this was certainly weird. Guido was very salty this time, looking like a complete badass. Like a guy you would not want to mess with. Him and Evan Adams in the ring together was a very weird thing to see. Evan Adams is one of the weirdest wrestlers I have ever seen, I would love to see him against Cheeseburger. Alex Keller would keep trying to run into Big Moe, but it had no effect on him and he just kept falling down on impact. Both teams decided to start chicken fighting but Guido stopped it short and just calf cutter’d Keller and Weird World feel down. A lot of this match was Guido and Moe picking on Evan Adams, who you started to feel bad for as he is so small. Big Moe at one point just literally chucks him to the ground, very aggressively. Adams FINALLY tags out and Keller takes control. Keller uses Evans as a weapon and knocks Guido down and trip Moe onto Guido for a 3 count! Weird World get the win! Nothing amazing here, but I can’t say I was not entertained by this one. Weird World are so odd you can’t look away.

Kaplan vs. Brian Carson**1/4

Brian Carson is a pretty good wrestler but I don’t know if I can say that about his opponent here tonight. Kaplan has a huge weight advantage on Carson so a lot of this match was built upon that fact. Also, Carson was working Kaplan’s arm most of the match and Kaplan was working with Carson’s ear. Kaplan at one point just rocks Carson with a nasty spear. After 3 superkicks, Carson knocks Kaplan to the outside. Kaplan hits a slingshot senton and the Carson hits an avalanche arm drag. Kaplan goes for a split legged moonsault and lands right on his neck, gets the 3 count. That was one of the most uncomfortable to watch move attempts I have ever had to watch. Such a boring match until a botch happened which is never good. I hope he never attempts that move again. Dear fucking lord, that could have ended badly.

Next up was the Dick Justice Bachelor party. This just wasn’t for me, I didn’t like it but that doesn’t mean others can’t. This includes Dick Justice giving a lap dance out to Pony by Ginuwine. Side note, Pony still goes hard, and I love it. We also nearly see Dick’s ass so there was that. To think that there are kids in this crowd…

*AIW Absolute Chmpionship) Ethan Page (c) vs. Space Monkey***3/4

Now this is a match I could get behind! It was an open challenge and Space Monkey answered the call of duty! Space Monkey and Ethan Page are 2 great wrestlers, who can go in the ring and they can be funny too. Ethan comes out and cuts a promo about how good he is and makes fun of a heckler. Monkey gives Page a banana, which then turns on him, as he gets hit with the banana and eats it. This match was very funny yet brutal, at one point Ethan Page just chucks Space Monkey onto the apron. He also hits a Jackhammer on Monkey. And even more brutal, Space Monkey bites Ethan Page’s hand and hits him with a DDT! Dear lord! Also in this match there were some good flips and Monkey flips. Well for Monkey they are just flips. Ethan Page hits a nasty sit out powerbomb, for which the whole crowd was chanting for the whole show. And then Page grabs a mic saying he will never listen to the fans again. Space Monkey hits a flipping senton from the second rope on Ethan Page’s back. A beautiful near fall! Page hits a nasty top rope powerslam and then a HEADSHOT for a 3 count. That was a great match. These 2 have great chemistry and Ethan Page, with every show I see him on, is getting better.

Alex Daniels vs. Britt Baker vs. Daniel C. Rockingham vs. Dominic Garrini vs. Garrison King vs. Joshua Singh**3/4

A signature AIW six man scramble! These are usually a lot of fun. Singh and Rockingham are currently in a feud so for the early parts, DRC just avoids Joshua unless he is able to get a cheap shot. First time seeing Dominic Garrini and he uses a bunch of submissions. Alex Daniels is one of the most underrated talents on the scene, one of the best when it comes to high flying and can deliver some brutal chops. Britt Baker delivers a variation of a tiger bomb and then hits a terrible hurricanrana but makes up for it with a disgusting famasser. She tries to dive onto a crowd of the competitors but gets throw to the outside. Daniels also hits an awesome dive and so does Garrison King. Garrison King, aka Gary the King Baller just gets powerbombed to the outside. CANADIAN DESTROYER FROM GARY THE KING BALLER! Gary Baller tries for a move but it looks sloppy and I think it hurt him more, he then gets hit with a package piledriver. Singh tries to dive onto DRC, Daniels throws him off, hits a NASTY 630 senton on DRC for the win. A car crash match, but you just had to keep your eyes glued. A very fun match, great to see Daniels win too!

(AIW Intense Championship) Jerry (c) vs. Eddie Kingston**1/2

Gosh darn it I just love Eddie Kingston, he is just insane in the best way and it is great to see him in a non PG capacity! Eddie Kingston starts the action hot off the bat by attacking Jerry during ring announcements and starts to wear his ring jackets. Eddie, for a lot of this match, just beats the snot out of Jerry, it gets very brutal. I have to say, the way Eddie Kingston interacts with the crowd is hilarious. Jerry hits a brutal top rope powerbomb! That was the first time Jerry really got any offense in the whole match, and then he starts to mount a comeback. He hits a DDT and Eddie’s manager, The Duke, pulls out the ref as he is on the 2 count. Eddie hits a brainbuster, but Frankie Flynn comes out and distracts Eddie. Jerry rolls him up and gets the 3 count off of that. That match was alright, most of it was Kingston being a monster. To be honest, I did not like the finish but it furthers this Flynn/Kingston feud which I guess is cool.

Homicide vs. Tim Donst****

On paper, this match looked like it could have been amazing, these two could end up killing each other! Seeing Homicide after all of that comedy is one of the weirder things I have seen in wrestling in awhile. The match had started off with some solid mat wrestling and they even trade holds on the outside. The pacing of this match was great, started off slow but really picked up, there was a feeling out process. Donst ends up landing an awesome dive to the outside and then Homicide hits an elbow dive there too. Just a lot of brutal and awesome spots in this one. Also a bunch of cool suplexes. Homicide takes his boot off and tries to hit Donst with it, but Donst ends up getting the boot and smacks him across the head. Homicide distracts the ref and kicks Donst in the dick AND JUST PILEDRIVERS HIM! But that was only a 2 count! Donst then hits a gator roll neck breaker for a 3 count and gets the win! Donst puts over Homicide on the mic and asks him to come back! Homicide then thanks the crowd as that day was his 22nd anniversary of wrestling. What an awesome match, I don’t know if I’m alone here, but that was great! The pacing definitely was great in this one, I recommend you guys to see this one out!

Rex Brody vs. Rockstar Spud**1/2

Spud starts off the match by cutting a scathing heel promo, by saying as long as AIW is still running and “marks” still come to see it, the business is in the shitter. He then puts over TNA. Spud hits Brody in the protective vest and it hurts his hand. He then gets headbutted twice while Brody has his helmet on. Brody throws Spud to the outside, but it looks like Spud is hurt. The refs check on him and he gets carried out. Rex then cuts a promo saying sorry about how the show didn’t end like they wanted it too, BUT SPUD RUNS OUT AND ATTACKS HIM! Spud chucks a chair at Brody after that. Spud then takes control after that. Brody finally comes back by hitting a T-Dump, a back suplex. Brody goes up to the top, tries to hit a splash but Spud moves out the way. Spud moves out the way and lets Brody run head first into the ref’s balls. Spud grabs the ring bell, tries to hit Brody with it, but he gets hit with a head lock driver but there is no ref! Spud hits Brody with the bell and only gets a 2 count after the ref finally gets up. Spud then gets mad, slaps the ref and berates him. The ref gets sick of it, hits Spud with a body slam, Brody hits him with a powerbomb and gets the 3. An alright match but not what I would have wanted for a main event. It was serviceable and I think the whole injury thing was too much.

Overall this show was MUCH better than the last AIW show. I would say pick it up just for Homicide vs. Donst and Page vs. Space Monkey, but besides that, the rest of the show is ‘meh’, and there is a pretty bad Veda Scott match. Thanks for stopping by and for all your U.S. indie reviews, you’re already at the right place, Wrestling With Words!


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