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AIW Don’t Feed Us After Midnight Review

This is AIW’s first show of the year! AIW has been a bit hit or miss for me personally, so we will see how this show ends up. The show starts off with about 10 minutes of promos, some good, some bad.

Brian Carson vs. Britt Baker vs. Eddie Kingston vs. Frankie Flynn vs. Joshua Singh vs. Space Monkey***

An interesting choice of talent (interesting is the best way to describe AIW), which usually makes for a great opener. The fact that Space Monkey and Eddie Kingston are in the same match, stuns me in the best way, especially since this isn’t a Chikara version of Eddie. Kingston demands the crowd to stop booing or else he will make sure this match will not happen. Flynn and Monkey start off the match, and Flynn starts off hot with a headscissors. And of course, Space Monkey starts to hit a bunch of Monkey Flips. Carson hits an awesome leaping neckbreaker on Singh and Baker hits a wheelbarrow assisted rana onto Singh. Britt Baker hits a variation of a Tiger Driver on Space Monkey and Kingston runs in and hits a belly to belly to her. Kingston then starts to take control of the match. Britt blocks the backfist, and then everyone else in the match teams up on him. Britt gets a nearfall after she hits a fameasser. Singh gets tired of Dr. C and he superkicks him off the apron and dives on to him. Flynn hits an interesting rana through the ropes. Space Monkey with a moonsault to most of the competitors on the outside, while eating a Banana! Eddie Kingston hits a low blow and a backfist on Flynn for a 3 count. A pretty fun match although sloppy at times. Wish they would have used Space Monkey a bit more too. The guy is great. Kingston is just a badass.

Brian Myers vs. Tim Donst**3/4

Now I have to admit, I do not really like Brian Myers, whether on the indies or in WWE as Hawkins, so I went in with some low expectations, even though I love Tim fn Donst. Starts off with some mat wrestling, which the crowd already chants boring. God I hate crowds like that, so annoying and takes me out of the match. Myers starts to target the arms and they take the fight out side and back in side the ring. Donst hits a brutal tope suicida on Myers into the barrier. Then Myers takes the fight back in the ring and starts to sing Dolph Ziggler’s theme and drops the elbow. Donst low bridges Myers to the out side and hits a diving lariat off the apron. A brutal slam near the corner for a 2 count! Myers tries for a spear but then gets rolled up for a close 2 count. They trade a couple strikes and it goes in favor of Myers for a quick 2 count. They then start to exchange slaps which pisses both of them and Myers hits a spear when they got up for a very near fall. Myers goes up to the top but Donst moves out of the way from an elbow drops. He capitalizes on it and gets a From Dusk Till Donst and Myers taps out! This was a pretty sloppy match that could of used some more time because it felt like it never went anywhere. This could have been a lot better and Myers impressed me a bit in this one. Just felt too short and very average at some points.

(AIW Women’s Championship) Heidi Lovelace (c) vs. Veda Scott*1/2

Oh fuck, a Veda Scott match. I do not know how she still gets booked to wrestle, she is a great manager though! And I love Heidi Lovelace, so underrated. Veda starts off hot and kicks her in the face and drops her on her back with a nasty looking suplex. Veda then takes control, which is pretty boring and hits some shitty chops but Heidi comes back and shows her a proper chop. Veda takes the fight outside and slams her into the apron and even more bad strikes follow. Veda Scott tries to do an Old school rana off the barricade, Heidi catches her but then drops her, picks her back up and throws her into the barricade. Very sloppy. They take the fight back inside after a chop and Heidi takes charge. Until Veda hits a terrible springboard bulldog. Heidi drives Veda’s head into the buckle and proceeds to kick her in the face multiple times. Heidi tries to kick her but gets caught with a slap and a German for a 2 count. Heidi hits a senton that looks like it completely misses for a 3 count. I know I’m saying it a lot but it seems to be a theme here, just very sloppy. There were a couple cool spots but just sloppiness ruined it. Pretty hard to watch. People please stop using Veda as a wrestler, I beg you.

(AIW Intense Championship) Jerry (c) vs. Gregory Iron**1/2

During Jerry’s entrance, the Iron Certain jumps him and try to steal the title from him, and smack him in the head with it. Iron takes the match back in the ring and tries for a quick win but gets a nearfall. Jerry tries to mount a come back but interference from a member of the Iron Curtain holds that back and Iron hits a code breaker, and Jerry trips over him. Jerry pokes Iron in the eye and then chops him. Iron takes control again but it was all pretty bad to be honest. Iron tries a back drop but gets hit with a enzugiri and Iron falls out of the ring. Jerry follows that with a baseball slide to the outside and a forearm to the head. Jerry tries a sunset flip for a nearfall. Jerry puts him in a sleeper and nearly gets him to pass out. Jerry goes up to the top and hits a axehammer for a 3 count. A pretty funny match, pretty sad that this was better than others on the match when this had all the recipes for disaster. Pretty sloppy once again but I mean Iron can only really use one arm and for that, this match is pretty rough around the edges, but carries on a fun story!

Eddie Kingston vs. Candice LeRae***1/2

This was originally announced as Alex Shelley, but his car slid on ice and could not make it, which is a huge bummer as I was really looking forward to this. She says she still wants to wrestle so Eddie Kingston comes out and accepts the challenge. Eddie says she only got a job just because of who she is dating, and that pisses Candice off and attacks Eddie to start the match. Missy Hyatt is on commentary for this, oh lord. After a hot start, Kingston takes her to the outside and just throws her around. Missy references Sunny’s porn, too fucking much. They get back in the ring and Candice hits a missile dropkick, but he puts her in the sleeper. They go on to the apron and CANDICE HURRCANRANAS EDDIE ONTO A PLASTIC TABLE! It didn’t even break and Kingston landed REALLY badly. She hits a double tornado on Eddie and Duke, Kingston’s manager. A very close nearfall on a neckbreaker! She tries to ballsplex Eddie but Eddie just suplexes her. Eddie takes his glove on and tries to backfist him but he misses AND SHE BALLSPLEXES HIM! The Duke runs in and get ballsplexed too! She then tries a reverse rana but gets slaped in the back. While Eddie goes for a powerbomb, she finally hits it! Kingston hits a backfist but she doesn’t go down! Finally after a second one, Kingston gets the victory. This was a pretty good match and more importantly, it was so much fun. I can’t believe I am saying this but Missy Hyatt on the call helped this match, as she seem like she was a having a lot of fun just watching it, and in turn that made me feel like I was having a lot of fun too! Gonna go out of my way to say this, best intergender match I have seen in a long while. But that does not mean it is amazing but still fun to watch! Kingston is the perfect mix of brutal, but he can also take a beating. I recommend this one for how fun it is.

DJ Z vs. Facade vs. Alex Daniels vs. Cloudy**1/2

Going in, I could not tell if this would be a complete mess or a load of fun. I personally really like DJ Z and think he is being underused in TNA so seeing him here makes me happy because he gets a chance to shine. Facade/Daniels and Z/Cloudy form alliances and it almost starts off as a tag match. They eventually turn on each other and it’s all men for themselves. Tope con Helo to the opponents on the outside from DJ Z! Cloudy hits a twisting suicide dive to the outside and Facade dives to the outside as well, but hits the back on the apron. Facade and Daniels trade blows in the ring, and Facade hits a bunch of kicks to end that. Facade tries to do a springboard moonsault but DJ Z catches him with a dropkick in the air. Facade hits an awesome Tornado DDT! DJ Z takes over after that too, including some awesome superkicks. Cloudy mounts a comeback on DJ Z and is nearly impossible to stop until Daniels hits him with a knee. Daniels hits an awesome facebuster onto Facade and hits an awesome twisting dive to the outside. Deadlift German onto Cloudy for a 2! Springboard hurricanrana to a top rope Daniels from Facade! Daniels goes up to the top and hits a 630 senton for the win. A fun match, a spotfest but I enjoy them, and this was alright. Nothing amazing. Daniels was easily the star of this match.

(AIW Tag Team Championship) Hot Sauce Entertainment (Tracy Williams & Tyson Dux) (c) vs. Cheech & Brent Banks**3/4

Cheech’s original tag partner, Colin Delany could not make it, so Banks took his place, and Banks is way better. Hot Sauce Tracy Williams is such an underrated wrestler and it is nice to see him here! Same with Tyson Dux, wish people used him more! Cheech cheap shots both members of HSE and gets the match started off. Brent Banks hits a scary dive to all members of the match early one, almost clearing them. Both members of HSE hit chops, strikes, and everything on Banks including some great technical wrestling. Banks finally comes back by hitting a springboard moonsault and makes the tag. Cheech and Dux trade strikes, clotheslines and irish whips. Cheech drops a top rope knee for a 2 count on Hot Sauce. Banks uses Cheech for an assisted sliced bread. While Banks is on the top rope, Williams hits a hurricanrana on Cheech which sets up a miscommunication between Banks and Cheech. A brutal lariat and a disgusting piledriver puts Banks away for a 3 count. A fun match, Dux and Williams have good chemistry. They work good together, and it makes for a solid match. Banks was really damn good here too!

Jock Samson, Tracy Smothers & Kaplan vs. Colt Cabana, Dick Justice & Marion FontaineDUD

Missy Hyatt is managing Justice’s team and Robert Parker is managing Jock’s team. What a dreadful sounding match, and I was really not looking forward to this. The workers in this match are some of my personal least favorites. Fontaine may be the only one in this match I actually like. Jock starts off with cutting a promo and breaking kayfabe by saying Smothers has to be a heel. He then tries to get heat by saying “f****t” and saying they have to boo him because he is a heel. This is one of the worst promos I have ever heard. Col Robert Parker grabs the mic and starts to hit on Missy Hyatt and gives her a roses, which she stomps on. This is really cringey guys. Then he forces a kiss on her which Justice gets really made at. Match starts with Kaplan and Colt Cabana, and Kaplan opens up a beer side ways and drinks it for no reason. After taking Colt down, he drinks another can of beer. Kaplan gives a beer to Colt and he spits beer on Kaplan and passes it off to Dick Justice. Jock accidentally hits Kaplan in the dick and Fontaine tags in. Cabana bodyslams Fontaine onto Jock. He tries for a five knuckle shuffle but just misses it. Dick Justice tags in but Jock runs out and gets Smothers in instantly. They get in a contest to see who can get the crowd more riled up. Crowd chants boring and I agree. Tracy tries for a hip toss Dick Justice just throws him down. Tracy accidentally hits Jock on the apron when coming off the ropes, but they hug it out. Dick and the whole squad throw some jabs at Tracy. Tracy and Dick Justice trade moves and it is just horrible. Tracy then calls a time out because he is “Blown up”, grabs a mic and shoots on the show and sports, and then is a dick to fan. “I don’t speak cocksucker”, please shut up. He then challenges the other team to a dance off to the death. The dancing is some of the worst I have seen in my life. Dick then gives Missy Hyatt a lap dance. PLEASE MAKE IT STOP. An all out brawl follows that, finally. Kaplan bites Marion, just weird. Jock hits him with a nasty bodyslam. Kaplan tries to hit a “Kap Bomb” but misses. All 3 members of Jock’s team miss an elbow drop and he crawls through their legs to tag in Colt. Dick Justice and Jock Samson trade strikes in the corner which Jock wins. Their plan fails as Missy Hyatt hits Parker in the dick with a cowbell. Dick hits Jock with the cowbell AND IT IS FINALLY OVER! FINALLY! Tracy Smothers says he will never go to AIW again, and it gets the biggest pop of the night. Dick Justice then proposes to Missy Hyatt with a ring that was inside his fanny pack and she accepts, oh fucking lord. One of the worst matches of the year and maybe one of the worst I have seen of all time. Please go out of your way to never seen this. PLEASE! The only good thing about this match was Tracy Smothers saying he was leaving this company. Who ever thought this was a good idea should just stop. I never want to see a Tracy Smothers match again.

(AIW Absolute Championship) Ethan Page (c) vs. Josh Prohibition***1/4

This match was much needed after the last match which was a complete shit show. Ethan Page comes out to Kanye West, gets a pop from me. Actually a lot from Ethan Page gets a pop from me, dude is hilarious and fun to watch. They lock up but it is a stall mate, and it leads into some mat wrestling, until Ethan Page elbows Josh in the head. Josh gets pissed and elbows him multiple times and does a cutter, for a 2 count. Ethan Page hits a nasty body slam for a 2 count, and from then on for a little bit, Ethan was on top of this match. A lariat sends both men over the top and they brawl on the outside. Ethan tells a drunk fan to shut up which gets a huge pop from the crowd, “Thank You Ethan” chants, and “Drunk Piece of shit” chants. They take the fight back inside and Ethan lays on some good strikes. Brutal spinebuster from Page for a 2 and then lands some great knees. Exploder from Prohibition! Page tries for a uranage but Josh rolls through and hits multiple suplexes for a 2 count! A very close near fall!.Awesome boot then DDT combo for a nearfall from Page. BRUTAL LARIAT FOR A 2 COUNT FROM PROHIBITION! Bicycle kick and a headshot from Page for a nearfall! PILE DRIVER FROM JOSH PROHIBITION! 2 count! Prohibition gets a STF locked in but Page reaches the rope. While the ref is distracted, Page kicks him in the dick, and hits the Spinning Dwayne for a 3 count! A good match, not enough to save the show but was worth sitting through that shit show before that to watch this. And the Kanye theme is also great. Interested to see how Page’s reign goes!

Overall this was a very mixed show, with one real standout of a match but a few that were pretty damn awful. I hope you all enjoyed reading this! Thank you for checking this out!


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