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AIW Absolution XI Review: An Absolute Joy

AIW Absolution XI

Watch: Smart Mark VOD, DVD/Blu-ray

July 22, 2016

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel – Cleveland, OH

AIW is a very popular promotion based out of Ohio, and is one of the most successful promotions in the mid-west currently. Absolution is their “WrestleMania” event so the card is stacked and the final product clocks in at a beastly 4 hours and 23 minutes. With a ton of matches I was looking forward to, I was very excited to get into this mastodon of a show. But will the show live up to the Absolution name? We will find out!

DJ Z, Laredo Kid & Matt Cross vs. El Gringo Loco, Skayde Jr. & Steve Pain****

AIW has been making it some what of a tradition this year to have a lucha showcase match or lucha talent on their shows, and man, I could not complain, as previous entries have been off the wall fun. This show features a stacked team of DJ Z, M Dogg and the Laredo Kid, and that just got me hyped! This match was off the walls and crazy. If you are like me and like high flying and flips, then you would love this. At one point, DJ Z gets thrown by the opposite team and goes flying, he nearly missed Cross! Skayde, Pain, and Loko turned this match into an all out brawl at one point, with Cross being thrown into the ring post and barricade. The Rudo team had a part of the match where they were going on a tear, 3 vs. 1 of the other team, and it was entertaining. DJ Z hit an amazing dive off of Pain’s back onto to the outside, that had me gasping. Crazy lucha spotfest. Cross gets the win for his team after a beautiful shooting star press!

Ray Rowe vs. Tim Donst**

I love Ray Rowe, but man, is Tim Donst ever the most 50/50 wrestler for me. He can either be amazing or just unbearable, no real middle ground for him, and that makes me dread his matches sometimes. And this match was just painfully meh. Besides an alright outside brawl, this match did not do anything for me. It was not by any means bad, but there is no need to go out and see this. They both put in the effort though, Rowe tried especially hard. This was a slow and plodding, and left me bored 5 minutes in. When it picked up the pace, it was not any better. The best part of the match was the Rowe-nage on the apron, looked sick! Donst hits a super Death Valley Driver for the win.

BJ Whitmer & The Duke vs. Eddie Kingston & Frankie Flynn***

Eddie Kingston is Flynn’s mystery partner and early on we get an insane brawl! BJ and Eddie fight through the merch tables and Duke and Frankie fight near the ring, with Frankie getting beat up by chairs at one point. Kingston is the best at the “in the crowd” brawls he does a lot. After 6-ish minutes they get back in the ring, and it is not as entertaining but is not bad at all. Kingston is just so good at brawling on the outside that when he goes to the ring again, it can’t be as entertaining. This was just a very solid and fun match. A cool minor touch was the Duke was chopping Eddie Kingston and he was having no effect on Eddie which led to Eddie getting the win with his patented spinning back fist! Fun match! After the match, Kingston cuts an oddly heartwarming and heartfelt promo about how Flynn was the only one to call and to get him back in AIW. It was funny and a good way to end the segment!

AIW Intense Championship: Alex Daniels (c) vs. Cedric Alexander vs. Facade vs. Jerry***1/4

Alex Daniels had recently won the Intense title while also joining the House of Iron with Greg Iron and Veda Scott. They accompany him and help him out a couple times, once they pulled on Façade’s leg so Daniels could deliver a nasty kick to the head. At one point, whilst beating up Façade, Daniels grabs a mic and sings but he gets choked out, until he breaks out and smashes Façade with the mic. The ref sadly took away the mic. Whenever Cedric was in the ring, it was great, he is amazing and has the best Michinoku Driver in the world. Early on, Jerry gets “hurt” and goes to the back, but when he comes back, he has his powder and stuns all 3 men to hit a 3 man ace crusher! A highlight was Daniels hitting a nasty suplex like maneuver onto Jerry into the corner, disgusting.  Veda and Iron get in the ring and distract Cedric but he hits both of them with a lumbar check. Ray Lyn comes out tries to help Jerry but her intentions were with the House of Iron as she helps Daniels hit Jerry with the title to win. After the match it was a battle between the House of Iron and Jerry. This match could have been way better but it felt like there was some convoluted booking and Façade seemed off his game. After all that, Jerry sadly announces his retirement. Still pretty good!

Texas Deathmatch: Dick Justice vs. Jock Samson**

This has been a long time coming, Jock has been messing with Dick Justice for the longest time. This includes beating him up at random times and ruining his wedding with the one and only Missy Hyatt. Jock Samson is managed by Col. Robert Parker, while Dick Justice is managed by Dirty Dutch Mantell! Mantell cuts a good promo before the match that kinda got me hyped before I realized who was actually wrestling. There was barbed wire on 2 of the ropes and they went for it right away. Early on, Jock tries to hide behind a disabled fan but Justice gets her to run over Jock. Dick uses parts of the young girls chair to beat up Jock. But besides that the match was very boring. 2 slow dudes working a slow match, it was like a slow-calypse, not that good. Dick hits a hip toss through a table for the win.

Dominic Garrini & Tracy Williams vs. To Infinity & Beyond***

Tyson Dux could not make it to the show sadly so Tracy Williams had to find a new tag partner so he chose his JLIT opponent Dominic Garrini, but is now not a tag title match. The match started off with some good grappling between the Blue belt in Jiu Jitsu Garrini and Cheech. Williams came in and the match felt smooth, as Hot Sauce is beautifully crisp in ring.  Overall this was a fun match with some cool spots, like a lungblower/powerbomb combo that got the win for To Infinity and Beyond. Wish we got a bit more of Hot Sauce but this match was good!

Louis Lyndon vs. Zack Sabre Jr.****

ZSJ is on the card? Hell yeah! Lyndon is also great, a guy well known around the Midwest scene, I was pretty hyped for this one! ZSJ could have a great match with any one! AS one could expect, there is fantastic grappling from ZSJ but Lyndon was able to keep up and was very impressive! ZSJ just turns out great matches and Lyndon is an odd opponent that I knew that it could be a good match, but I did not know it would be this good. Then we get to the striking portion where ZSJ and Lyndon damn near kill each other, crazy stuff. Lyndon hits a picture perfect Chaos Theory that nearly got the win at one point. Lyndon won by reversing a signature ZSJ bridge into a dragon sleeper! This match was great, and I recommend you all see this!

Candice LeRae & Johnny Gargano vs. Ethan Carter III & Karlee PerezN/R

This is not a match as much as it is a segment. EC3 says he and Karlee are really Maxim and Derrick Bateman. Bateman turns the match into a NXT challenge segment, it was pretty darn funny and a great send off for an AIW legend. For the talent segment, Gargano and Candice try to dance but EC3 interrupts and starts the match. The final pin was a bit weird but I liked the segment, it is too hard to rate so there will be no rating but it was cool! After the match, Gargano gets to do the “Weird Little Thing From Dirty Dancing” with both EC3 and Candice! He cuts a promo hyping up the main event and tries to wake up the crowd!

AIW Absolute Championship: Ethan Page (c) vs. Josh Alexander vs. Josh Prohibition***1/2

There is an hour left and one match left, good lord this is going to be long! This started off as a brawl, Prohibition, Page and Alexander all beating each other up on the outside. There was a sick kick assisted DDT onto the ramp during this sequence, but after that they head towards the ring again. There was a fun part of the match where they all sat on the ground and gave each other strikes. The match in general was pretty damn good but the crowd was dead and there felt like there was no heat, and it ended with 30 minutes still left on the show according to SMVOD. The crowd was VERY dead when Prohibition kicked out of the Spinning Dwayne which is kind of a big deal. Prohibition hit a pile driver onto the title for the win!  After the match, a lot of the AIW roster comes out to celebrate, but Tim Donst ruins the moment by attacking Prohibition. He then cuts a promo attacking Prohibition and saying he wants that AIW Absolute title.

After the show there is a post game show with Kingston that is very entertaining. Overall this is a very fun show, and it is well worth the purchase! Thanks for reading guys!

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