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ACW Broken Tailgate Party Review (04/02/2017)

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ACW Broken Tailgate Party on April 2, 2017

Watch: FloSlam

Outside of Saddle Up – Orlando, Florida

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We are going into this show with no announced matches.

The audio on the announcer is not good, I can barely hear him. It is so hard to hear a wrestler’s name.

ACW Heavyweight Championship #1 Contender's Battle Royal3/4*

What worked:

  • Crazy Boy from DTU is here!
  • The camera work does a good job keeping up with everything

What didn’t:

  • So many people feel like generic indie people and I have no idea who they are.
  • I have no way knowing who is who until the final four and commentary can actually focus.
  • As a new viewer, going straight into a battle royal is not the most captivating thing one can do.
  • Crazy Boy from DTU did not do much.
  • Why the hell are there no pads outside the ring? It’s concrete, this is a battle royal. That is bush league level dangerous.
  • The cool elimination spots, because these dudes had to fall on the concrete and that does not seem safe.

Verdict: This was long and boring. I cared for no one, and no one tried to make me care about them.
Result: David Mercury won in approximately 8 minutes.

Mercury cuts a promo hurt by bass audio, and for being a bad promo saying he will become the champ and telling a lady who he refers to as a wench to kiss his boot. Then, he waited in ring to try and force the lady to, and he starts to force her to. A man tries to stop her and is held back by security. Why is security stopping an attempt at stopping  assault?

This went about 4 minutes and was bad. If I didn’t agree to review this, I would have stopped watching.

Irish Jack vs. Mysterious Movado**1/4

Jack appears to have an Irish brawler gimmick. A lady named Niela is on crutches and accompanied Jack to the ring. Movado has a peppy luchador gimmick.

What worked:

  • The clean work used in this match helps get the taste of stupid out of my mouth from earlier.
  • This ended just when it started to feel a bit repetitive.

What didn’t:

  • I do not know who the heel in the match is, and it hurts the crowd reaction a bit.

Verdict: Effective & short squash for Jack. It would be cool to see either of these dudes again.
Result: Irish Jack won in approximately 4 minutes.

Ec3 is working the bar, and the commentators tell me I must watch this great EC3 YouTube video after the show. Do not encourage me to change the channel.

Isla Dawn vs. Nikki Adams**

What worked: 

  • Dawnn gets most of the offense for the first three minutes, and looks good.
  • Adams had a decent comeback.

What didn’t:

  • Nothing, this did it’s job.

Verdict: Dawn looks good, and that was the goal of the match. They succeeded. 
Result: Dawn won with a suplex in approximately 4 minutes.

Blanco Loco vs. Vertigo vs. Saieve Al Sabah***

What worked:

  • The opening exchange is good and clean.
  • All three men have different styles and mesh well with each other.
  • All three men establish their role in the match well.

What didn’t: 

  • So short. The best match on the show could have used some more time.

Verdict: So short, but everything looked good and I wanted more.
Result: Saieve pinned Vertigo in approximately 3 minutes.

Bryan Idol vs. Adam Maxted*1/2

What worked:

  • Maxted is presented as a big deal.
  • No botches

What didn’t: 

  • This was so slow at the beginning, they just walked to each other outside the ring.
  • The work done feels like both men are going at half speed for this and I am just waiting for this to kick into second gear.

Verdict: While the work was not bad, I kept waiting for them to kick into second gear, but instead this was kept at a slow pace.
Result: Bryan Idol won in approximately 8 minutes.

Four Corners Six-Man Tag Team Match: The Hierarchy vs. Dominic Garrini, Jon Cruz & Snoop Strikes vs. Dr. Daniel C. Rockingham & Four Star Heroes vs. Mike Law, Travis Gordon & Wheeler Yuta***1/2

What worked:

  • The action is good and constant.
  • No one looks weaker than anyone else in this match.
  • The most professional wrestling match here so far.
  • Some great highspots.
  • All the spots are transitioned well, and no dumb spots that look like they make no sense.
  • Chaotic in the most entertaining way.

What didn’t:

  • Nothing

Verdict: Crazy chaotic cool action. Everyone looked good and this was the match of the night.
Result: The Hierarchy won in approximately 9 minutes.

ACW Cruiserweight Championship Match: Johann Ramzes (c) vs. Troy Hollywood***1/2

What worked:

  • The chain wrestling is good.
  • The intensity is built up well.
  • This is good and different from the previous match. I appreciate that.

What didn’t:

  • Nothing

Verdict: A surprisingly technical match. This was very different from the previous match, but also good and gives me hope for the rest of the show.
Result: Troy Hollywood won in approximately 9 minutes.

Adam Brooks & Kelly Anne vs. Candy Cartwright & Jason Cade***1/4

What worked:

  • All four wrestlers have good chemistry with each other.
  • The highspots are sick.
  • Crazy dive by Brooks.
  • Also different from the previous match.

What didn’t:

  • Some parts of this match slow down and drag.

Verdict: This was good, there were highspots  and a competitive nature to this match. ***¼
Result: Brooks and Anne won in approximately 10 minutes.

ACW Tag Team Championship #1 Contender's Gauntlet Match: Aaron Epic & Tripp Cassidy vs. Roscoe Eat Lisa (Mikey McFinnegan & Zakk Sawyers) vs. State Line (Damien Angel & Eddie Taurus) vs. Submission Squad (Davey Vega & Gary Jay) vs. he Carnies (Kerry Awful & Nick Iggy) vs. The Ugly Ducklings (Lance Lude & Rob Killjoy) ***

The matches:

  • Gary Jay and Davey Vega def. Aaron Epic & Tripp Cassidy in approximately 3 minutes.
  • Damien Angel & Eddie Taurus def. Gary Jay & Davey Vega in a under a minute.
  • Damien Angel & Eddie Taurus def. Mikey Finnegan & Zakk Sawyers in approximately 3 minutes.
  • Kerry Awful & Nick Iggy def. Damien Angel & Eddie Taurus in under a minute.
  • Kerry Awful & Nick Iggy def. Lance Lude & Rob Killjoy in approximately 5 minutes.

What worked:

  • Hot start to the gauntlet.
  • Jay & Vega are a great team.
  • The second match had all action due to the length.
  • The third match has good tag team work and hard hits.
  • All of the wrestlers I’m seeing for the first time look great.
  • The Ugly Ducklings look amazing & have great chemistry with The Carnies.
  • Ducklings and Carnies work great in tag team communication, both teams come off as on the same page with their partners at all times.
  • Beautiful power moves by Kerry Awful.

What didn’t:

  • I would have loved if this was just one long tag match between two teams instead of a lot of short matches.

Verdict: That last match was amazing, and short. Everything else in the gauntlet was watchable at worst.
Result: The Carnies win the tag gauntlet.

ACW Heavyweight Championship Match: Parrow (c) vs. David Mercury*

Some moves happened, and then Parrow hit a piledriver for the win in about two minutes *. Parrow proceeds to attack Mercury post match until a group of dudes come out to chase him off.

ACW Combat Championship No Holds Barred Match: Romeo Quevedo (c) vs. Sideshow

What worked:

  • Crazy dive at the beginning of the match to an outside table.
  • They don’t go crazy with the weapon use at the start, and the weapons meant something.
  • The match ended with a crazy spot: A moonsault from a ladder onto chairs, which Sideshow dodged!

What didn’t:

  • Romeo looks like a Road Warrior knockoff with his entrance gear.

Verdict: This was to get to the one crazy spot at the end of the match. If one crazy spot at the end could be a rating, it would be used for this match.
Result: Sideshow is the new champ via dodging a crazy spot!

The show ends with Sideshow walking out as champ and Romeo getting applause as he gets up.

  • Average - 5.0/10


At the end of the day, we remember moments and that spot at the end will be remembered for at least a day until my millennial mind gets distracted by electronic gadgets. The big problem with this show is that so much of it was filler along with the poorly mic'ed announcer leaving me with no clue of who is who. Once we got to the four corners match the show picked up, but the first few matches did nothing to make me want to continue watching and while this show was not bad, in a week of great shows, you can safely skip this.


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