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AAW “Homecoming” Review (3/18/16)

I had reviewed the AAW show from last month, and I really liked it, thought it had some must watch matches, and you can read my review on the site! The card on this show looks very good and I was excited to watch and review it too. As per usual with AAW, in between the matches and before the show, there are promos and the one with Sami Callihan, that kicked off the show in the gym was awesome. So was the Jack Evans promo after the first match, which is to be expected.

Dave Crist & Sami Callihan vs. Markus Crane & Shane Hollister**3/4

The show starts off with an introduction, but gets interrupted by Sami and gang which then gets interrupted by Crane and Hollister. We then have an impromptu tag match. These guys were in Street clothes. A lot of great double team moves and Callihan was honestly amazing in this match. Not all of this match was great, but it was exciting and got the crowd hot. I thought it was alright overall, with a lot of signature Callihan stuff, which I love. After a little interference from JT Davidson, Callihan hits an assisted stuffed piledriver for the win. After the match, Sami hits another Piledriver and cuts a promo on the crowd, and they hit a Piledriver on Hollister to end the segment.

Drew Gulak vs. Mat Fitchett****

Gosh, I love me a Drew Gulak match. The first part of this match was mainly some great grapplefrick, Fitchett was able to keep up with one of the best in that style. One of the best parts of this sequence was a Muta Lock exchange, that had Fitchett in control for most of it, and it was just great to watch, as they sold it amazingly. After a standing moonsault from Fitchett, Gulak started to almost bully him. Just like Cocky Hero, Cocky Gulak is the best Gulak, especially when he is being a douche while having some one in a hold, like giving someone a noogie during a hold. Fitchett then finally starts to mount a come back after a while and it was great. They then trade some nasty strikes, that sequence ended by Fitchett going for a pele kick but gets caught in an ankle lock that I though was amazing. After Mat spits on Drew, Gulak gets pissed. Mat Fitchett hits this weird yet awesome Headscissors-Piledriver-Roll-Up for the win. This was a star making performance from Fitchett, the crowd got REALLY behind him and Gulak was the perfect opponent for this match up.

(AAW Heritage Championship) AR Fox (c) vs. Davey Vega***

Vega coming out to some Coheed is just awesome. Going into the show, I was a bit nervous for this match as the ceiling is so low at this venue, and AR Fox likes to be high… And my fears were gone almost instantly as AR Fox hits a high elevation springboard arm drag 10 seconds in. He even walked the rope and hit the most complicated spring board bulldog and it was awesome. There was a lot of fun high flying from Fox in this match that made it a good watch. Vega throws Fox into the ref and then hits Fox with the title belt for a very close near fall. The crowd was hot for that part. Fox hits a Lo Mein Pain and a 450 to retain the title. A good high flying affair from AR Fox.

Buck Nasty, Connor Braxton & Eddie Machete vs. Colt Cabana & Zero Gravity*3/4

Before the match Mick Foley comes out, just being Mick Foley and putting a smile on everyone’s face. Buck Nasty, Connor Braxton on his hoverboard, and Eddie Machete come out and interrupt his promo. They trade the mic but Zero Gravity and Colt Cabana come out, and interrupt them! Colt Cabana gets a huge pop. Foley says as the former WWE Commissioner he can makes matches in Illinois and he will be the special guest enforcer. A lot of comedy, a bit too much, but it is a Colt Cabana match, what would you expect? I’m not the biggest fan of Colt so most of it was PERSONALLY not funny, and the hover board shtick from Braxton gets old. Zero Gravity were the good parts of this match, two good highflyers, and a lot of splashes to boot. Bucky at one point tries to hit Foley but Foley hits back and gets out old Mr. Socko, then Colt gets Eddie Machete to tap with the Billy Goat’s Curse. This match was just not for me. Foley was very funny in his promos though.

Jack Evans vs. Tommaso Ciampa***3/4

I love both of these guys and was beyond excited for this one, especially since this recent Jack Evans heel run on the indies has been so good. Jack Evans yelling at the crowd is just amazing, saying he is one true god, refusing a handshake from Ciampa because he may have leprosy. Evans dances in the beginning but Ciampa kicks the shit out of him similar to what Galloway did at PWG Lemmy. Ciampa then fucks around, and does some really bad yet hilarious break dancing. Then the action picks up fast going to the outside early on, including signature Ciampa knees. Foley comes out to give him a high five for his knees and to take a selfie with Ciampa. When they were on the outside a lot of hilarious Ciampa offense happened and I loved it, his comedy is great to me. When they get in the ring, the action is still good, including Evans flipping out of the Project Ciampa. Some more highlights are Evans saying he is the man that invented lucha libre but getting the shit chopped out of him and some great flips from Evans. Evans even hits a Sasuke Special with this low ceiling, it was awesome. Ciampa hits a Project Ciampa then locks in an arm bar for the win. I say a match was fun a lot, but holy shit was this ever fun. This two have great comedy, so it was great to see a good comedy match in the beginning, but boy did it ever pick up! A lot of brutal strikes and moves from Ciampa and great flips from Evans! After the match Ciampa gets the mic saying he will destroy Sami Callihan and become the next AAW Champion, why also saying he will show why he is in NXT and he is not.

Silas Young vs. Chris Hero***1/2

Silas grabs the mic before the match, which gives him massive heat, basically, he IS just a heat magnet. Hero then gets the mic and says he ain’t nothing to fuck wit.  The match itself was very good, Silas Young is just so entertaining to watch when he is running his mouth. At one point, Silas takes Hero off the top rope and powerbombs him, which was excellent. And as per usual, Chris Hero was great, awesome strikes which is the norm for him. The finishing sequence was just incredible: Young hits a rolling firemans carry, then goes for a springboard, gets caught in a cravate, gets thrown by Hero, and then hits two elbows for a 2 count, but he picks him up and gets the win with a cradle piledriver.

Moose vs. Kongo Kong***1/2

How can you not love these guys? Two of the best big guys on the indies. Seeing Moose hit a dropkick to a top rope Kongo Kong was awesome. Kong hits a damn cannonball on the outside to a Moose leaning on the barricade. Moose even hits a superplex, which was just beyond cool. Kongo Kong literally crushes Moose with a top rope splash for the win. If only this was longer, a great contest between two HUGE men, and they nearly destroyed each other.

(AAW Championship) Sami Callihan (c) vs. Ricochet***3/4

On paper this looked amazing, a first time ever match between two premier talents. Ricochet starts the match off hot with a kick and then a dive to the outside. JT Davidson and Dave Crist get involved but Sami accidentally dives onto Crist. Ricochet also dives over the turnbuckle onto all the men and then hits a LOOOOOOONG 450 splash. What a way to start this match. The rest of this match was GREAT! These two for never being in a one-on-one match together before have great chemistry. Sami hits a bicycle kick and then a sliding elbow to win this great match! Callihan’s brutalness and Ricochet’s flippy-ness really complement each other well. After the match, a beat down on Ricochet happens, Ciampa in a mask comes out to save him but he gets beat down by Crist and Davidson. But it was just a fake and the real Ciampa comes out and beats up Callihan.

This was a great show, with only two matches that weren’t over ***, that is truly a mark of a great show. One of the post show promos was a Jack Evans one, which is great and he even says the crowd sucks and are ruining the country so they have to vote Trump, so that made me laugh a lot. Thanks for reading and for all your AAW reviews, you are already at the right place, Wrestling With Words!

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