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AAA Worldwide: Mexico City Part 1 Review (April 2016)

Hey guys! This is my first critique addition to AAA’s weekly TV episode. I was going to start at Rey de Reyes but time was not on my side and since this came out, Rey de Reyes is pretty much not relevant to review, so starting at the episode after it will be a great start! I will fill you guys in if there are anything storyline wise that needs to be told I will fill you guys in while we go along. Let’s get into the review.

Show starts with a Texano Jr. promo as he won the long vacated AAA Mega Championship at Rey de Reyes. Mesias comes out as he was the one that was beaten at Rey de Reyes. THEY SHOWED A DONALD TRUMP VIDEO TO GAIN HEAT FOR MESIAS!!!! I don’t understand Spanish. I can’t really tell you that was about. Mesias announces the return of Brian Cage and they both wave the American flag. What I can gather Brian Cage and Mesias is trying to get Texano to join their group, as Brian Cage was trying to get him to answer yes or no but Texano walks away.

Nino Hamburguesa, Ludxor, Venum & Atomic Boy vs. El Apache, Mamba, Super Fly & Soul Rocker***

This match seems fun on paper with the cluster of names and boy it was. This was Atomic Boy’s return to AAA and what it seems like, according to Cagematch, his in ring return since February of 2015 and he didn’t miss a beat. Match started out very rudo heavy at the beginning dominating the match, then it breaks out when the tecnicos team started their comeback. There were hurricanrans everywhere. Nino did a cannonball to three at a time and tried a second time but they all got out of the ring. Venum then proceeds to jump from one rope to the other and onto someone doing a hurricanrana on the outside. Then Superfly takes a nasty bump to the outside, where Ludxor then launches himself off the second rope onto Super Fly, the same move ACH does that he calls the Air Jordan in ROH. Match ends with Nino doing a splash onto Soul Rocker for the three count.

Match was a lot of fun to watch and with everything going on it was hard to keep track of, if you like car wrecks definitely check this match out.

Drago, El Elegido & Bengala vs. Chessman, Averno & Ricky Marvin*** 1/4

Really solid match that had a lot of flips from the tecnico team to start out with. Once all the flashiness set in the Rudos started to take over. They set up a pile of chairs along the outside of the ring where the ref couldn’t see, and started slamming all the technicos off the apron onto the chairs. I liked this as this was a very creative thing to use illegal weapons without actually getting disqualified. After that it was aback and forth all the way til the end of the match. Some cool dives and spots from the tecnicos again but Ricky Marvin Pinned El Elgido for the win for the Rudos.

Match was pretty good, one complaint was that they should have cut it short another five minutes and could have improved the quality of the match. But with that said, I highly enjoyed what was presented. The only person I didn’t really click with was El Elegido in the match but he wasn’t too bad himself

Octagon Jr., Garza Jr. & La Parka vs Texano Jr., Mesias & Brian Cage** 1/4

God this match was so boring. Rudo dominating match. Some stuff I can barely remember, once the babyface comeback kicks in you saw some dives from Octagon Jr. and Garza Jr. Then La Parka does his shtick, and pins Texano Jr. via roll-up CLEAN! Then Brian Cage and Mesias attack Texano for taking the loss and the reaction to the promo earlier. Texano had to be carted off.

What pissed me off was why did the NEW AAA Mega Champion lose to La Parka? To freaking La Parka. You had the AAA Mega Championship vacated since November when Alberto Del Rio/El Patron left you for the fed and you have your new champion lose to La Parka who isn’t even a good wrestler. I like you AAA, I really do. You have great talent but your booking is god awful. I know this is for story building purposes for your rematch of Mesias and Texano Jr. but why does La Parka need the win? Why not Garza Jr. or Octagon Jr., who should be booked very strong given the new character to Flamita and to shove it to Octagon Sr. who is giving you a lot of problems and giving you a lot of controversy. Make a new star. La Parka can be around but at this point of his career he shouldn’t be getting any big wins against anybody let alone your NEW AAA Mega Champion. Your new champion should not lose to someone clean in his first match since winning the your top championship. Please AAA, get the picture.

Final Thoughts: Watch the show for the first two matches as they are fun, skip the last match till the segment at the end with Mesias. The finish of the last match ruined what was a pretty good episode to me. Thanks for reading and I will link the video below as I do with all my lucha reviews.

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