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AAA Rey de Reyes Review (03/19/2017)


AAA Rey de Reyes on March 19, 2017

Watch: YouTube (Part One) (Part Two)

La Arena ‘José Sulaimán – Monterrey, Mexico

Part One

This is one of the first shows of a new AAA era, after months of boring repetitive same old same old, so bad that I haven’t watched since Triplemania. It hasn’t changed much bar title changes. Now Vampiro and Chris DeJoseph (head LU writer) are backstage honchos, we have a new direction for the AAA product — the goal of this show should be to get me to want to review their next show.

We get a fancy new intro showing various photos of AAA’s roster.

We get a recap of the past few weeks. Mesias and Pagano have issues, Aerostar broke his arm after Super Fly dodged his dive, and now they face in a mask vs hair match. Murder and Monster Clown betrayed Wagner Jr.

What get a video package on Vampiro winning Rey De Reyes way back when. It makes him seem like a star.

No entrances for all but the main. Bit annoying.

AAA Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Match: Dark Cuervo & Scoria vs Mesias & Pagano*

There was a cool moment with Mesias spearing his opponent through the cage. Nothing else happened, just white noise. Nothing to complain, nothing to like. Also the camera missed the finish when Cuervo climbed out the cage after his partner was speared through it. The most exciting thing here was the commentators. Even the crowd felt like white noise. The big spear through the cage spot looked disappointingly weak.

After the match Mesias & Pagano acted buddy buddy despite teasing issues and Pagano beat up their enemies post match.

Great LU commercial afterwards. Everyone came off as stars there.

AAA Reina de Reinas Championship #1 Contenders Match: Ayako Hamada vs. Big Mami vs. Fabi Apache vs. Goya Kong vs. La Hiedra vs. Lady Shani**

The winner gets the title shot later tonight. The competitors are Big Mami, Lady Shani, La Hiedra, Goya Kong, Faby Apache, and the returning Ayako Hamada. You wouldn’t realize Hamada returned, because they don’t note her, but give the luchador surprise match graphic and no one gets entrances. You can be eliminated via top rope, pinfall or submission. In a surprise Apache gets eliminated straight away via top rope, which no one else tries to use the rest of the match. Ayako Hamada was the highlight when she was on offense, clearly light years ahead of her opponents. The big girl comedy Big Mami and Goya Kong spots were also done well, but nothing was truly memorable here along with the fact that it went too long and felt skippable, with Shani being slightly built up on TV, and Apache being the only wrestler here AAA has asked you to invest in. Match with some moves that didn’t mean much. Ayako Hamada last eliminates Lady Shani to win.

Dr. Wagner Jr. & Psycho Clown vs. Psycho Circus (Monster Clown & Murder Clown)NEGATIVE ONE STAR~!

Wagner and Psycho are feuding, with a mask vs. mask match happening at TripleMania this year, but are uniting under a common enemy. The big positive was that all four men looked good here, Wagner and Psycho came off as top guys, and Murder and Monster felt like heels the faces had to overcome, the action was consistent and while the complete package was decent, this was still the best thing on the show so far. Editor’s note: I don’t really know what Parm meant as he gave this minus one star…

Murder and Monster went after Psycho’s mask with a fork, drawing an unnecessary amount of blood that added nothing to the match. Even the crowd did not care for the stabbing. Wagner debated helping him, but then walked out, deciding he hates Psycho more than his opponents. Psycho then gets worked over, which feels unnecessary since you already freaking stabbed him! Not much worse you can to do him. After a while Wagner comes back and they defeat Murder and Monster, giving the only pop for the crowd all match. This is a complete time suck, I am actually getting mad remembering I sat through this long, pointless, and boring match. Wagner and Psycho pin The Clown duo for the win.

Post match Mocho Cota Jr., Soul Rocker and Carta Brava Jr. came and beat up Wagner and Psycho. The crowd did not care, but at least they’re trying to do something with their undercard guys. Imagine if Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas and Darren Young came out and beat up Dean Ambrose and Baron Corbin — this is the equivalent of that.

Rey de Reyes Royal Rumble**

Argenis vs. El Averno vs. Bengala vs. Chessman vs. El Elegido vs. Joe Líder vs. El Niño Hamburguesa vs. La Parka Jr. vs. Pimpinela Escarlata

Royal Rumble rules until the final two, where it is then pinfall. This felt like a generic as hell rumble with nothing guys. I normally use the What worked, What didn’t, and the verdict for my reviews, but so far I have barely anything to put into this review style. La Parka eventually comes out and gets the only actual pop of the night. Once this became the final four it got a bit better, with Bengala hitting pretty moves, including moonsaulting to the outside for no reason other than to eliminate himself. Argenis and Averno are the final two, and they have good chemistry with each other, with Averno being a good base for Argenis’ Lucha things, although the final two segment between them drags for a little two long. If this was just Averno vs. Argenis or Bengala and Argenis vs. Averno and Chessman, this would have been great, but there was too much pointlessness before the final four to justify a watch. Argenis won Rey De Reyes 2017!

By god part one was terrible, they better try and have a good part two, cause I really hated this.

Part Two (back to “what worked” review style)

Recap of Part one to open the show. It’s done incredibly well and makes part one of the show actually look good, something that’s impossible when you watch such.

We now get a run down of the card with the triple threat, Aerostar vs. Super Fly, and Hamada vs. Taya clips shown.

We get reminded Dr.Wagner Jr. vs. Psycho Clown mask vs mask is happening at this year’s Triplemania.

The same great LU commercial from last week plays. Only complaint is they show the champs with the belts at the end of the first season, kind of a big spoiler.

It takes six minutes for the first entrances to start.

AAA Reina de Reinas Championship: Taya Valkyrie (c) vs. Ayako Hamada*1/2

Taya has been champ for over two years, I believe this is her second or third title defense. Classic Lucha logic!

What worked:

  • Taya has a good entrance.

What didn’t:

  • This crowd really does not care tonight, appears they were expecting Lady Shani in this match instead of Hamada.
  • All of Taya’s heat segment falls flat.
  • Taya is on offense way too much. Seems like they were going for a never say die story for Hamada, but it feels more like Taya is just demolishing a lesser opponent.
  • It appeared Hamada tapped at one point with the crossface, stopped tapping, then Taya just let the crossface go, as The Hurricane would say “What Up With That?”
  • Hamada is cut off way too many times when trying to mount a comeback, it’s overkill.
  • Hamada’s comeback is very meh.
  • By god there are terrible crowd shots used in this match.

Verdict & Result: I was told that this was as bad as Tatsu vs. Volador Jr, while nowhere close to that bad, the only good thing I can say is both ladies normally do better. Hamada pins Taya to become the new Reina De Reinas Champ.

We get talk and a few minutes of what appears to be a commercial shoot of some sort. They were speaking Spanish too fast for me to know.

AAA Latin America, World Cruiserweight & World Heavyweight Championship: Johnny Mundo (c) vs. El Hijo del Fantasma vs. Texano Jr.***1/4

This is non unification, the winner will have to defend all three belts, implying AAA cares enough to have them defend their titles.

Note: Johnny Mundo has “Born in the USA” for his entrance music

What worked:

  • This match dies a good job making it clear that it is everyone for themselves, and when given the opportunity, beat up the American.
  • Mundo uses his parkour skills in a way that does not outshine the faces.
  • There are some spots that are clearly just there to fill out time.
  • Fantasma taking out Texano and Texano being stretched out afterwards does help protect both men.
  • Fantasma hits a beautiful dive.
  • The second half of this match, which is all Mundo vs. Fantasma is great.
  • We get a BS interference spot, but at least it sets up Kevin Kross with something to do.

What didn’t:

  • Fantasma comes off as dumb trying a pin when the ref is knocked out, outside the ring.
  • Too many roll-ups.
  • After Texano is stretched out they cut back and forth between him being put in an ambulance and the match.

Verdict & Result: This match was very average for the first half, but the second half was great with Fantasma vs. Mundo being a great matchup that AAA need to use more, and even the interference wasn’t that big a takeaway from the match. Texano is eliminated via stretch job due to a piledriver on a chair by Fantasma, and Mundo pins Fantasma via Kevin Kross interference to win all the AAA men’s singles Championships

Mask vs. Hair: Aero Star vs. Super Fly***1/2

What worked:

  • They sell the intensity of this match right at the beginning.
  • Aerostar flies off to the cosmos with the airtime he gets on his dives, and it’s beautiful.
  • Super Fly is a surprisingly great brawler.
  • Jeebus Christ! Aerostar and Super Fly getsbloodied up at the early going of the match.
  • Aerostar is a great face in peril during this.
  • The pin restart was probably be the only way to make me afraid Aerostar could lose his mask. It worked (see what didn’t work section for more info).
  • At least Vampiro was over when coming out and restarting the match.

What didn’t:

  • Super Fly uses Brass Knucks to win, but because he used a weapon it causes a restart to the match, why didn’t that whole outside brawling sequence cause a countout?
  • The finish comes right after the restart, would have loved a bit longer match.

Verdict and Result: Holy hell, they went to holy hell and back with the blood used, and we got some cool moments, Vampiro was over, I was legit terrified Aerostar could lose his mask.

Aerostar celebrates with Vamp post match and Super Fly loses his hair.

  • Sub Par - 4.5/10


That part one was one of the worst shows of the year, and part two had a rocky start, but at least that had two great matches afterwards. If I was just watching part two, I’d probably watch AAA next week. If I just watch past one I would feel angry and just watch CMLL for the rest of my life. I at least left this show with hope that AAA could start having a good product. Editor's note: LOL.


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