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AAA Guerra de Titanes 2016 Review

This should be different. I am the furthest away from being a lucha expert, I do enjoy lucha when it’s done right but most of the time it’s a lot of guys moving slow and taunting the crowd which does nothing for me but that’s just me and others may enjoy it. I prefer CMLL to AAA for numerous reasons. CMLL feels a lot less gimmicky and the focus is put more on athleticism. Though CMLL can get pretty bad at points (Thunder) I would choose CMLL over AAA. The whole NWO rip off stable in AAA is pretty lame and I hate the constant reliance on weapons. AAA has some of the best guys on their roster but because it’s such a mess backstage the in ring product unfortunately isn’t as good as it could be. I have listened to numerous AAA talent vent their frustrations on the office and the behind the scenes atmosphere. But right now I am just going to not overthink things and just try to enjoy this show for what it is.

(Lumberjack Strap Match) Keira, Lady Shani & Taya Valkyrie vs. Faby Apache, Goya Kong & Maravilla**

Female action to begin the show! I am unfamiliar with Marbilla, Keira and Lady Shani. So this should be either super fun or a train wreck. I didn’t realize Goya was that large, she is certainly Porky’s daughter. This was a nothing of a match to be honest. Keira, Faby and Maravilla really impressed me with their athleticism. I didn’t like that the men were whipping the ladies with straps, I found that disturbing on numerous levels. Lots of comedy surrounding Goya’s size and the referee at one point was getting whipped by the lumberjacks. Taya pinned Goya in one of the worst finishes I have ever seen. Taya did a standing double stomp for the win. Am I really meant to believe that a tiny lady in Taya would ‘squash’ a large lady in Goya? Absolutely terrible finish.

Australian Suicide, Fireball & Jack Evans vs. Daga, La Parka Negra & Super Fly****

This should be fantastic, I like all six guys and they can all do tons of flippy shit. To be honest, that’s all I want from this bout. During Jack’s entrance the ring announcer called Jack the Justin Bieber of AAA or something along those lines. The team of Jack, Fireball and Suicide are probably the most athletic trio in the history of wrestling, the technicos shined early with all their flashy antics that makes we wish I was that athletic. The rudos gained control and dominated until the technicos got all fired up. Fireball, Evans and Suicide all hit dives including a goddamn Sasuke special from Jack! Things broke down into a back and forth match which is awesome because lucha doesn’t have much psychology but in this match the wrestlers incorporated a ton of psychology into this match. Everyone got to get their shit in and look fantastic but obviously Fireball came off looking like a mega star, he could be one of the top guys in AAA if they give him the ball to run with. Evan, Fireball, Parka and Fly brawl through the crowd and Fireball does one of the craziest things I have seen in wrestling, he climbed up onto the second level of the arena and performed a twisting moonsault onto the men on the first level! It was easily atleast 15ft possibly higher, the other wrestlers caught him perfectly which is lucky because he could died if he didn’t connect. Back to the ring and Suicide attempts his DDT but Daga blocks it and hits the end of heartache (Suplex backbreaker) but Suicide kicks out. Daga is pissed so he goes under the ring and grabs two chairs and a huge piece of wood. I guess tables are too expensive in Mexico. So he sets it up as if it was a table and positions Suicide for a superplex but Suicide slips out of it and hits a top rope Spanish fly through the wood! That finishes Daga and secures the win for Suicides team. Excellent match as it had psychology, athleticism, heat, shine.

(Vacant AAA World Tag Team Championship Elimination Match) Averno & Chessman vs. Aero Star & Fenix vs. Mascara Ano 2000 Jr. & Villano IV***1/4

Thank god for Fenix and Aero Star. Without them this match looks like trash on paper. This wasn’t all that bad and it exceeded my very low expectations. Villano IV is moving slower than Manabu Nakanishi but I will give Villano credit. He still does hit a lot of cool moves even though it’s in slow-mo. I really have no interest in seeing Averno and Chessman wrestle but they both are very good bases for the other wrestlers and goddamn Chessman made Villano IV do a headscissors armdrag! Fenix and Aerostar take some loco bumps. It’s well known that the Mexican rings are very stiff and these guys did like four missile dropkicks. Aerostar and Fenix did simultaneous dives, Fenix did possibly the craziest lucha dive I have seen. Fenix pinned Mascara Ano after a 450 splash, thus eliminating Ano and Villano. Whenever the Hell Brothers are in control it’s so boring because all they do is play to the crowd and stomp. Probably Cornette’s favorite luchadores. There were 48 superkicks in this match and I’m not even exaggerating…OK maybe a little. Fenix is so so talented. I see him as a future mega star in the US. He killed Chessman with a double stomp to the outside. Joe Lider hit Aerostar with a steelchair which he just walked into and made him look like a dork. Averno Pinned Aerostar with a double underhook face buster to win the AAA Tag Team Titles.

(AAA World Trios Championship) Cuervo, El Zorro & Escoria vs. Electroshock, Garza Jr. & La Parka vs. El Hijo del Fantasma, El Hijo de Pirata Morgan & Taurus*3/4

Man. This is another match where it could be a train wreck. It wasn’t a complete and utter train wreck but it wasn’t fun at all. Cuervo, El Zorri and Escoria wear denim jackets whilst they wrestle. Well, I don’t know if it’s wrestling or it’s more stomping and playing to the crowd which bores the shit out of me. 50 year old Parka was my favorite guy in this match. He did his signature Parka stuff and was VERY over. Garza Jr. was attacked early on and the doctors wrapped his shoulder so he basically was using one arm the entire bout. Morgan, Fantasma and Taurus were eliminated first when Morgan was put into the surfboard from Parka. The rudo ref thing does nothing for me, Mexican wrestling is very behind the times in terms of gimmicks, weapons, etc; referees being one of the main focuses of the match. Unless the match is either super athletic or very technical (Negro Navarro and Virus) lucha doesn’t do a ton for me. If you are a big lucha fan you would probably enjoy this a ton more than me, this was a struggle to get through. Electroshock looked good in spots, Parka hit two dives in this match but the second one was because they blew a spot. So many kendo stick shots in this match, unprotected kendo shots to the head are completely stupid and should not be happening in 2016. El Zorro made Electroshock tap when he locked in a sharpshooter like submission. Boring match, went too long. Very slow moving match.

(AAA Mega Championship Tournament Semi-Final) El Mesias & El Texano Jr. vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. & Psycho Clown***1/2

This is basically the Mexican version of Tenkoji vs. Nagata and Nakanishi. Well, Texano and Psycho aren’t that old but you know what I’m trying to say. I really liked this match, and Dr Wagner Jr. was the star of the bout. He is such a fantastic worker and so so smart. He moves and looks incredible for a 50 year old man. The story of this match was that all four guys hate one another and neither team like their teammates, but they have to win because the winners advance into the AAA World Heavyweight Title match between one another. Psycho Clown gets a little sloppy sometimes and even landed on his head in this match but he is very good at the Mexican style. The commentators throughout the match outed El Mesias as Mil Muertes from Lucha Underground. Mesias is getting older but he moved very slow and looked a lot heavier than normal. Texano is a very good worker but he doesn’t stick out to me as much as other wrestlers do. Texano just feels like another guy. During this match both teams turned on one another and that’s what lead to the finish of the match. Wagner and Clown looked like they had the match won when Wagner hit a powerbomb and Clown hit a destroyer but Wagner kicked Clown for some reason and they go at it whilst the rudos are laid out. Mesias and Texano attack both men and Texano secures the win for his team when he hits a Liger Bomb on Psycho Clown. Fine match. Wagner was incredible and the workhorse of this main event.

Guerra de Titanes 2016 wasn’t that bad. It definitely had its moments where I almost fell asleep, but it was a decent show. I just really disliked all the gimmicks involved. The rudo ref gimmick is so stupid and using weapons in front of the referee is ridiculous. I could go on for ages about all the stuff I didn’t like but I don’t like complaining and just talking about the negatives. The positives of this show were the fantastic dix man that featured Fireball doing a moonsault off a balcony! I don’t regret watching this show at all. I love watching all kinds of wrestling and I am willing to give everything a chance. I probably won’t be watching entire AAA shows in the future but I worked out who I like and who I don’t like so I know what to watch and not watch now. The best guys in AAA are the ones on Lucha Underground. Trust me. You won’t be seeing El Zorro on LU anytime soon. Thank you for reading my first ever AAA/lucha review.


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