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666 Volume 70 Review – Shinkiba Shenanigans

666 Volume 70
June 6, 2016
Shinkiba 1st Ring – Tokyo, Japan

Oh my god. As I was about to write this introduction, I realized that they held this show on a date where there is a 6 in every month, day and year. This is truly 666 and we are truly blessed. Onryo runs this promotion, you may remember Onryo from his FMW run. This kid is absolutely bonkers and I cannot wait to watch.

Shinobu & NENE Mugen vs. Yusaku Ito & Fuminori Abe***1/2

Holy cow, I am in love with 666 after this one match. This was fucking great! Legit like I didn’t expect great wrestling to come from this show but by god my expectations were 100% wrong. These dudes killed it! It’s so weird seeing Shinobu positioned as the grizzled veteran. Abe is from HEAT-UP and is spectacular, his dropkick especially was on the money. Mugen is a cross dresser but he was great also. Abe and Ito let loose with numerous variations of kicks. Mugen hit a top rope plancha to the floor then Shinobu killed Abe with a lariat turning him inside out but he kicked out somehow. Moments later he finishes off Abe with a missile dropkick.

Dyna Mido & K666 vs. Masamune & Dragon Libre***

I had no clue who any of these folks were going into this. I have heard the name Masamune a lot, but have never seen one of his matches prior to this but in 666. This was quite enjoyable, sloppy at some points, but for the most part it was good. Dyna Mido and K666 did some sort of kung-fu routine before the match started and that was entertaining. Masamune was pretty great in this. At 41 he hit the Trevor Lee shooting star powerslam on one of his opponents, who I don’t know which is which. Libre is a young guy, probably very young and it was noticeable. A few moments in the match his timing was off. He was killed with a missile dropkick to the head. There were some really neat spots but in the end Libre was pinned following a double foot-stomp.

Onryo & Konaka = Pehlwan vs. Abdullah Kobayashi & Shota

MY BOY KONAKA = PELWHAN! Jesus Christ this match. They all dressed up as WWE wrestlers. Shota was Eddie Guerrero, Abby was Bam Bam Bigelow, Onryo was Goldust and Konaka was Stardust. What a blessed time this was. Basically it was just four lads going out there and emulating spots and it was great. Shota is a damn good Eddie Guerrero impersonator. Like everything down to the steel chair spot were he acts like his opponent hits him, but his just faking it! Konaka was trying to be Stardust the best he could, you could tell he has been watching WWE Superstars for the past year and a half. The crowd was really into this and so was I. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH, god bless the 666. Goldust ah, I mean Onryo, rolled up Shota Guerrero to win.

Akarangers (Takashi Sasaki & GENTARO) vs. Taro Yamada & YANAGAWA ***1/4

This was quite fun. A very lopsided match in the veterans favor, but it was still entertaining. If you’re not a fan of dudes beating up other dudes without a comeback for a decent amount of time then I guess this wouldn’t be for you. I am loving Sasaki working these small, but awesome indies like 666 and HEAT-UP. Talking about Sasaki he delivers some of the stiffest chops in wrestling, with chops like that he belongs on a Fortune Dream event. Yamada is one of the best unknown talents in Japan. He is always so smooth and innovative. I urge you to find as many Taro Yamada matches as possible, it helps he looks like a young Terry Boy. Sasaki is surprisingly athletic for a man his age and size. He busted out a beautiful leg lariat. Yamada performed a tope suicida but GENTARO moved so Yamada ate shit. Super-plex followed by a powerbomb on YANAGAWA but Yamada makes the save. GENTARO then back drop suplexes Taro to hell. Seconds later the bell rings and the match is declared a 15 minute draw.

Mama Endo & DAISUKE vs. Kouzy & Yuko Miyamoto **1/2

On paper this looks tremendous and I don’t even know who Kouzy or Endo are. Just that DAISUKE and Miyamoto are in the same match makes me jump out of my seat in excitement. Sadly it wasn’t the great match I expected. It was more of an entertainment spectacle. I will say the crowd was very into it and there was constant laughter. Endo’s gimmick is that all of his offence looks weak as fuck and by god he nails that gimmick to perfection. The only person that could be affected by his offence would be LEONA. Kouzy used a nice tornado DDT. Overhead belly-to-belly on DAISUKE from Yuko. Frog Slash followed by a Tombstone from GUTS World representative DAISUKE. Yuko kicked out of a Sliding D from DAISUKE. Fucking believe it or not Endo pinned the man challenging for the KO-D championship with a sliding kiss. Yes you heard me correctly MAMA ENDO PINNED YUKO MIYAMOTO WITH A SLIDING KISS. FUCKING WHAT.

That right there ladies and gents was my first ever 666 review. What in the world did I watch? I am left intrigued and confused. I can promise you this won’t be my last 666 review. I need to discover the entire weird and wacky world of 666. Thank you based god.


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