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5 Questions Heading Into Lucha Underground Season 2

It’s been months since Lucha Underground has aired live on TV, but luckily for us, Season 2 is slowly creeping up on us. January 27th, the best wrestling on TV returns! With that being said, I’m looking at 5 of the biggest questions going into Season 2.

Heading out of season one, we had three championships. The trios tag team championships held by the Disciples Of Death, Gift Of The Gods title held by Fenix, and of course, the Lucha Underground Championship; held by Mil Muertes.
With three championships already in the company, there’s a question of weather or not they’ll be bringing in a new championship title. Do I think they NEED to add another championship? No. But, if Lucha Underground decides to bring in more women; maybe we will eventually see a Women’s Championship, which would be interesting.
With one question, comes many others. There are a lot of questions going into season 2, and I’ve put together 5 big questions that hopefully will be answered sooner rather than later.

1. Who is Marty The Moth’s sister?
On the final episode, we saw Marty basically kidnap Sexy Star. He told her that she would have to meet his sister. Who is she? I have no clue. But, I love Marty’s crazy personality, so maybe she will be just as, if not more crazy than her brother.

2. What is next for Pentagon Jr. & Vampiro?
On the finale, we witnessed a insane hardcore match between the two right before Vampiro would reveal that he was the “Master” that Pentagon was referring to all season. I’ll be the first to admit, when he revealed that, I was shocked. It was a moment in Lucha Underground history that I’ll never, ever forget. But, what’s next? Who knows. Many questions intertwine with this one because it’s a big question in everyone’s mind: Will Vampiro still commentate? Will he manage Pentagon, or even be his tag team partner? Only time will tell, and I’m excited to find out more.

3. Will Black Lotus finally make her way into the temple?
For weeks in season one, we saw vignettes and even some backstage encounters with Black Lotus. She seems as if she knows how to fight, and is very familiar with Dario Cueto, as we saw at the very end of the finale; she was in a hurry and left with Dario. I’m very interested to see her get in the ring and compete. I’m curious to see what she has to offer. Hopefully we’ll find out.

4. Will Dario’s brother be revealed?
Dario has said on many occasions how dangerous his brother is. Hell, we saw what he did to people who pissed Dario off. But, we never actually saw him. We have no clue what he looks like, which leaves all of us fans very curious. Also, what will his role be? Maybe he will eventually take over the temple, or maybe he will compete? We’ve waited a long time to just see his face, I hope they don’t make us wait even longer.

5. Why is Rey Mysterio here?
If you didn’t see the Season 2 trailer, it was revealed that Rey Mysterio is now a part of Lucha Underground. My question is, why? I don’t mean that in a bad way, I just mean, what is his motive? Is there something he’s after, or someone he’s after? It’s very, very good to see Rey back on my television, but I’m very curious as to why he’s here.

Those are 5 big questions leading into Season 2, but there are a few more little questions here and there. Will we see Melina with Johnny Mundo again? With Rey coming in, who else will make their Lucha Underground debut? Will we see more Trios teams added into the mix? So many questions, and so much excitement heading into the new season, it’s very overwhelming. There’s one question that I can answer for all of you. Will Lucha Underground be the best weekly wrestling on TV? YES! Lucha Underground delivered in season one, and I have faith that they’ll deliver even more in season 2.
Get ready! January 27th, I’ll be reviewing Lucha Underground every week, so be sure to check that out.
I’m so ready for the new season, I hope you are too.


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