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Yes, 205 Live isn’t always what the internet holds against the Cruiserweight division: occasional mediocrity, not enough flips, not enough excitement, etc. I’ve been an accidental high man on 205. I don’t watch weekly but I always enjoy it when I watch it. The 205 Live style of wrestling is smart, though not always the most exhilarating bang for your buck in the division. Enter the Drew Gulak vs. Mustafa Ali feud that’s been going on the past while. They’ve each split 2 matches as this 2/3 Falls match is the fifth meeting between the two. Ali, a beautiful human being and a standout star of the division, not quite primed for a CW title opportunity, has been feuding with Gulak, who’s taken a character shift since his debut, becoming anti-air. He longs for a “NO FLY ZONE!” on the show, which some find ironic because there hasn’t been a whole lot of flips. My favorite part of the feud thus far came on the June 28 edition of 205 Live when Gulak did something he regretted in an emotional frenzy: go to the top rope and attempt a splash. That would end up costing him the match, and now we culminate in the purest of gimmick matches when it comes to wrestling in the company. I’d take a rounds match, but that’s not possible, except maybe in the future with Gallagher. I’m getting ahead of myself, as usual, let’s get to the match.

2/3 Falls: Mustafa Ali vs. Drew Gulak from ‘205 Live’ on 7/18/17 

Joseph/Graves are on commentary. It’s the first ever 2/3 Falls match in the Cruiserweight division’s history (current). We got a crisp as hell opening stretch with Ali flipping around with the biggest grin on his face; a real quick first fall that led to a crazy lucha pin to get Ali up on the scoreboard first. Gulak ripped an announce table apart in frustration as Ali continued to show good emotion. The crowd being so silent in the feeling out process adds to the artistic value here I think. It’s kind of like the recent chain of Aleister Black matches in Full Sail, where the crowd is silent only to pick up near the end. Gulak doing little things like tipping Ali over the ropes onto the apron, and hitting a wild headbutt, all rang up satisfying cashier cha-ching sounds in my head. Gulak yelled, “you don’t belong in my campaign” as he stomped on Ali in the corner, who then made the most amazing “God, I hate you so much” facial expressions in the corner to begin a comeback. Ali hit a massive hurricanrana off the timekeeper’s area barricade which looked wicked, though the crowd didn’t provide much of a reaction which starts to become annoying. GULAK SLAMMED ALI INTO THE CORNER WITH A CRAVATE SLIDE THING THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL! He won the second fall with the dragon sleeper right after that, not letting go of the hold for many seconds. Couldn’t have booked a better finish as it leads to Ali as the hurt underdog having to win the third fall or lose the feud. I screamed “OH SHIT” because, holy mother of God, in one of the best spots in a long time, Ali went off the top rope for an old school rana only for Drew to kill him with a powerbomb for a near fall. Ali shortly after SPIKED Drew on his neck with a frankensteiner. Every single spot pairs with escalation to feel big time. Ali sprung off a kickout in the closing stretch, everything begins to be very animated and it’s a whole lot of fun to watch like chain sequences over the dragon sleeper and an amazing lariat kickout. Gulak hesitated when he ascended the top rope only for Ali to capitalize with a hurricanrana and the inverted 450 for the win, and win of the feud.

This shows how great 205 Live can be. Even if the crowd reactions aren’t there, the pure wrestling on display can be mind blowing with the roster they have. This was a hidden gem of a feud and this was everything you could want from a feud-ending match. These two brought their A-game in terms of big spots, escalation, characters/storytelling, and anything extra special that was brought to the table here. 205 Live is great when it wants to be. We’re taking it for granted a lot of the time. What a match. Hell yeah.

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