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Announcement & Info: The 2016 Puro in the Rough Awards

We promised this early on in 2016, and we are delivering with the first annual Puro in the Rough awards. This is very unique and something that hasn’t been done before. The awards are focusing solely on non New Japan puroresu. Any promotion in Japan can be used except for New Japan. The guys over at the New Japan Purocast have awards that are strictly New Japan so I would point you in that direction if you’re more of a NJPW fan. Here we hope to shine light on the lesser known promotions as well as the usual big dogs like Dragon Gate, DDT and BJW. The rules are as follows:

* All votes must be in before December 28th
* You are only able to send in one submission

The rules are very easy to follow. Now, let’s get into the categories, shall we? There is no multi-choice. I could have easily listed five of my favorite wrestlers and told you all to pick from there but that’s not right in my opinion. Someone could love a wrestler that isn’t even in my top 10 and that needs to be respected.


1. Wrestler Of The Year

2. Match Of The Year

3. Personal Favorite Match Of The Year

4. Promotion Of The Year

5. Young Boy Of The Year

6. Breakout Star Of The Year

7. Move of the Year

8. Ace Of The Year

9. Dad Wrestler Of The Year

10. Most Beautiful Wrestler Of The Year (man or woman)

11. Tag Team Of The Year

12. Worst Wrestler Of The Year

13. Most Underappreciated Wrestler Of The Year

14. Worst Match Of The Year

15. Most Shocking Moment

We’ll have special guests on Puro in the Rough to go over their ballots and who they voted for. We’d like to thank the good brothers over at Burning Spirits who were behind this idea whole-hardheartedly. We will be teaming up for a year end show. We would also like to team up with the Eastern Lariat fellas for a year end show also. We’ll reveal the winners on a podcast before the year is over. Thank you all for the constant support!


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