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10 Matches You Won’t Believe Took Place

On the recent NJPW New Year Dash show, Cheeseburger teamed with Yoshiaki Fujiwara in a wacky 10 man tag match. In your wildest imaginations would you ever think Cheeseburger would team with Fujiwara? Seeing that match got my thinking, I was thinking about some of the weirdest matches that ever took place and after doing research I found these 10 matches that I guarantee most of you wouldn’t know that took place. Just a short spoiler expect me to type BILL EADIE like that because it is BILL EADIE!

1. Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan) vs. Necro Butcher 2/9/2007 PWG
On paper this looks like a very odd pairing, you have the best technical wrestler in the world fighting the most infamous Deathmatch worker in the world. I watched this match recently and it is one of my favorite Necro matches and a certified hoot.

2. Giant Silva vs. Giant Singh (Great Khali) 29/8/2002 NJPW
Many WWE fans will remember Silva as a part of the ‘Oddities’ stable during the attitude era and everyone knows who Khali is. I recently watched this match and boy, it was a tough watch. You can hear the crowd laughing during the match and Khali is so terrible it’s funny.

3. Jim Neidhart vs. Jay Lethal 11/3/2009 TNA
This took place when Jay Lethal challenged wrestling legends to an open challenge and yes Jim Neidhart accepted and defeated him in 90 seconds with a power slam, the following week Tatanka answered the challenge and also defeated Lethal… That’s TNA for you.

4. Abdullah the Butcher vs. Stalker Ichikawa 7/19/2009 Dragon Gate
Abdullah could barely move at this point but this was a spectacle, Japanese wrestling fans know Stalker Ichikawa as the loveable dragon-gate jobber that loses in very short time and it was no difference in this match. Butcher could still drop a mean elbow though.

5. Vader vs. Anthony Nese 9/22/2012  Northeast Wrestling
This has legs and even in 2012 I bet this was a decent match, Nese would just be bumping around like a mad man and Vader is the best when he is being Vader. This show was held at a baseball stadium and drew 2,500 fans! That’s something.

6. D-Lo Brown, Dusty Rhodes, The Blue Meanie & Tom Prichard vs. Andrew Martin, Matt Borne, Steve Corino & The Masked Superstar 8/27/2005 Wrestle Reunion 2
Whoever booked this is snorting a bunch of cocaine, I don’t need to say much. Just look at these 8 man involved in this match, goddamn Dusty Rhodes and Blue Meanie teaming? In 2005? what in the world. Not to mention BILL f’kn EADIE!!!

7. First Tiger Mask & Masked Superstar vs. Black Tiger & Yoshiaki Fujiwara 7/17/2012 Meteor Mask Fiesta Final Japan
IN 2012 BILL EADIE IS WRESTLING YOSHIAKI FUJIWARA!!!!!! I need to find this match. Tatuhito Takaiwa as Black Tiger is wrestling BILL EADIE IN 2012!!! Not to mention Satoru Sayama is also in this match. The combined age in this match is 231!

8. Donovan Morgan, Michael Modest & Ryan Drago vs. Mitsuharu Misawa, Sal Thomaselli & Yoshinari Ogawa 6/12/2004 Pro Wrestling Iron
This is weird in many ways, you have Ogawa and Misawa working a California independent with Thomaselli as their partner. For those that don’t know, Ryan Drago has now became Simon Gotch of NXT. So that’s one to tell your grandchildren, Simon Gotch wrestled Misawa.

9. The Great Muta vs. Ernest Miller 8/13/2000 WCW
The weird thing about this is Ernest ‘The Cat’ Miller pinned one of the greatest of all-time clean, yes you heard me The cat pinned Muta in minutes. Vince Russo is a terrible man.

10. Abdullah The Butcher vs. Tomoaki Honma BJW 12/4/1999
I’m guessing most if you didn’t know Mr kokeshi was a death match worker long before his New Japan stardom. This is in the midst of Butchers 2 year sting in BJW before he would return to All Japan in 2002. I have seen this match and it’s not great, though I do enjoy Honma’s early work when he incorporated more of a flying style into his matches.


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